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If all goes well you should be hearing Elton John's "Candle In The Wind"

Killed on 9/11 at the World Trade Center, in The Pentagon or onboard planes or since then due to injuries/health:

2001: 9 US Military women, 40 US Civilian women

2007: 0 US Military women, 1 US Civilian woman

2010: 0 US Military women, 1 US Civilian woman

Total a/o 15 Sep 12: 9 US Military women, 42 US Civilian women

51 US women killed on 9/11 or since

On 11 September 2008 the Pentagon Memorial was unveiled. If you were unable to visit it yet please watch the Pentagon Memorial Dedication slide show. One of the photos (I think it's number 20) shows a tattoo on the back of one of the daughters of the retired colonel I knew--the only man listed here on my page.

Many people died on 11 September 2001 when two airplanes were flown into the World Trade Center towers in New York City. I posted the women from the police and fire departments who died that day further down in this page.

Shortly after the NYC tragedy two other planes took lives. One of those flew into the ground in Pennsylvania. The other airplane was flown into the south side of the Pentagon. Shown here on my page are only the military and civilian women, as well as the one man I knew, working in the Pentagon that day who were killed by this terrorist act. The Defend AMERICA News website has more information about them as well as the men who were killed in the Pentagon and the men and women aboard the plane. That's where I finally found their info and photos. If I have left anyone off this list--please let me know.

More than 5 years after this dreadful day there are many more sites honoring the men and women who died on 9/11. Here are some links to sites where you can go to search for individuals no matter where they died or which airplane they were on:




9/11 Victims | washingtonpost


Remember: September 11, 2001


Voices of September 11th

If you ever wondered about the actual flight paths the planes took--please check out Flights of September 11, 2001

Also if anyone wants me to add some info about their loved one I'd be more than happy too--as I did for Cheryle Sincock's family.

Not too long ago I came across 9/11 We Know an interesting site that shows other theories as to what happened that tragic day. No matter what your feelings are about this date in history--it won't hurt for you to at least look at this site to see what others think. Likewise you should take the time to watch at least two videos that are available online--Loose Change and Outfoxed. Just Google those titles and watch the clips--they will make you wonder about many things!

WIDOW of pilot, Sandy Dahl
Sandy Dahl, 52, of Denver. CO died accidentally on 25 May 2012 in Lakewood, CO of acute heart failure due to the combined effects of alcohol and multiple prescription drugs according to the Jefferson County chief deputy coroner. It is reported she had a heart condition--right ventricular dysplasia--which was a contributing cause in her death. Also found in her system were anti-depression, anti-anxiety, painkiller and tranquilizer drugs. Her husband Jason was the captain of United Flight 93 which went down in Pennsylvania. Sandy had set up a scholarship fund in her husband's honor for young pilots to be educated. She also spoke publicly about the heroism of those aboard Flight 93 so they weren't forgotten. Sandy was dedicated to completing the Flight 93 National Memorial as a way to honor the actions of her husband, his crew and the passengers. The events of 9/11 were never far from her mind and she often woke up with nightmares. "Normally, people have a memorial, and it's behind them then. This is never going away," she told the newspaper before the 10th anniversary of the attacks.

While I haven’t see all the news about deaths following the events of 9/11/01 every once in awhile someone sends me something of interest.

I happened to come across this officer's announcement:

5 Nov 15:

NYPD LT Marci Simms, 51, originally from Brooklyn, NY died as a result of 9/11 related illness from Stage 4 lung cancer. Marci had worked for four months at Ground Zero following the collapse of the Twin Towers. She had joined the NYPD in August 1998 upon graduation from John Jay College of Criminal Justice. Marci then held positions in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens. She was a rookie when the Towers fell.




Carlyn Kuder let me know that a woman had died so I decided to add her to my list for obvious reasons:

8 May 07:

CIVILIAN Marcie Bents, 48
Marcie of Severna Park, MD died from the traumatic injuries she suffered during the 9/11 attack on the Pentagon. She was a graduate of Friendly High School in Prince George’s County. Marcie became a computer specialist for the Department of the Army at the Pentagon and was working on 9/11. Marcie told her family that when the plane hit, the fireball came down the hallway. One of her friends saw it and the two of them ran from it. The fire singed the hair, burned all the hair off the back of her head, and as they were working their way out of the pentagon, the lights were out. It was smoke-filled. They were feeling walls. They would touch the walls and found the cold walls to work their way out, stepping over bodies, debris, to get out of the building. As a result of that, she started going down hill, not immediately but within a year or so...little by little, and you could see it. After recovering from her physical injuries she returned to work but was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder shortly thereafter and fought the trauma until her death. She left the Pentagon in 2004 on Workmen’s Compensation Disability. Marcie became a recluse, afraid of leaving her home, afraid of hearing planes over head, afraid of even opening her own oven due to the heat and smell. She had been an outgoing, fun-loving woman who enjoyed gardening and loved her four pet dogs. Marcie is survived by her son Matthew Zimmerman; mother Margaret Bents; brother Steven Bents; sisters Kathy Gonce and Rita Johnson; along with many nieces, nephews and friends.

NOW--here is the one man I personally knew plus all the women who died in The Pentagon on 9/11/2001.

CIVILIAN Ronald F. Golinski, 60
I try very hard to only honor the women who served our country in various ways. But US Army COL (Ret) Ronald F. Golinski was someone I knew personally. He had been the Executive Officer with the 413th Supply & Services Battalion when I transferred into that unit in 1981. So I got to know him somewhat before he transferred to St. Louis for other positions including director of the Enlisted Personnel Management Directorate at the Army Reserve Personnel Command. Upon retiring from the Army in 1996 after a 36-year career Ron went to work as a civilian in the office of the Deputy Chief of Staff for Personnel in the Pentagon. His awards include the Legion of Merit and the Meritorious Service Medal with two Oak Leaf Clusters. He loved to play golf and he loved his cats Sylvester and Crackers. Ron was from Columbia, MD and is survived by his wife of 23 years, Irene; three daughters, Marcellia Golinski-Potler, Amanda and Sara; two stepchildren, Paula Smith and David Eschenbaum; three daughters by a previous marriage, Christine, Dawn and Michelle; his mother Marion; two brothers and two sisters.

CIVILIAN Samantha Lightbourn-Allen, 36
Samantha from Hillside, MD was working as an Army budget analyst. She was a devoted public servant who had worked for the Army for many years. She was survived by a son and daughter.



USN YN3 Melissa Rose Barnes, 27
Promoted to Navy Yeoman 3rd Class in June 2000 Melissa from Redlands, CA was 27 at the time of her death. She was an administrative job in telecommunications at the Pentagon who reported to the chief of Naval Operations. She had worked at the Navy’s headquarters in the Pentagon for two years after holding several assignments since 1992, when she enlisted from Redlands, CA. She began as a Navy corpsman at the Portsmouth Naval Hospital in Portsmouth, VA and later received communications training in Mississippi. In 1997, she left the Navy for almost a year then returned.


CIVILIAN Carrie R. Blagburn, 48
Carrie from Temple Hills, MD was a civilian budget analyst for the Army and worked in the Pentagon. She is survived by her husband Leo, their children Deanna and DeAndre and grandchildren.



CIVILIAN Donna Marie Bowen, 42
Donna, from Waldorf, MD, an employee of Verizon with a 23-year career there, had worked on contracts in an Army budgeting office of the Pentagon for the last four years. Though born in Omaha, she grew up in Massachusetts and was a big fan of the Boston Red Sox. She is survived by her husband Eugene Sr., their children Alexandra, Eugene Jr., Anastasia, and stepchildren Courtney and Erika.


CIVILIAN Angelene C. Carter, 51
Angelene from Forestville, MD had twenty-six years of devoted government service, the last eight years in the Pentagon where she was a staff accountant for the Department of the Army. Angelene is survived by her husband Fred; her daughters Angenette Cash and Freddye Jean Carter; stepdaughters Venus Scott, Victoria Carter, and Cheryl Carter; her mother Leona D. Cash; her sisters Linda Reid and Deloise Thorne; and two brothers, Claude and Donnie Cash.



CIVILIAN Sharon Ann Carver, 38
Sharon from Waldorf, MD was an accountant for the Army from 1991 to 2001. She served the federal government for 16 years.




CIVILIAN Rosa Maria (Rosemary) Chapa, 64
Rosa Maria from Springfield, VA started working for the federal government in 1970 as a clerk-typist at Ramey Air Force Base, Puerto Rico. She served as a civilian with the Department of Air Force, the Defense Logistics Agency, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff. She eventually worked her way up to senior management officer in the Office of the Deputy Comptroller for Force Structure and Management, Office of the Comptroller, Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). She is survived by her husband Jose; their children Grace, Julie, Elza, Roger and John; her father Manuel Faz; two sisters; two brothers; and five grandchildren.


CIVILIAN Ada Marie Davis, 57
Ada from Camp Springs, MD worked as an accountant for the government for 31 years. She served at the Pentagon under the Secretary of the Army, Resource Management, for over six years and put off retirement twice to ensure that her successor was prepared for the job. She is survived by her husband, Nolton Jr.; their children, Zenovia, Yolanda, Rosslyn and Christopher; three sisters and three brothers.



USN SK3 Jamie Lynn Fallon, 23
Navy Petty Officer Third Class Jamie Fallon from Woodbridge, VA worked in the Office of the Chief of Naval Operations Support Activity at the Pentagon, where she was a storekeeper. She had already served at the Naval Computer and Telecommunications Station in Bahrain and more than two years on the fleet support ship USNS Concord.



CIVILIAN Amelia Virginia Fields, 46
Amelia from Dumfries, VA turned 46 on the same day she died. She worked in the Pentagon as a civilian secretary for the Army. She had been transferred there only two days earlier from Fort Belvoir, VA. Prior to this job she went from base to base with her Marine husband and volunteered at Navy hospitals. Her husband William and their children William, Jr. and Shantell Fields survive her.



CIVILIAN Sandra Nadine Foster, 41
Sandra from Clinton, MD was a senior management officer for the DIA assigned to the Office of the Deputy Comptroller for Force Structure and Management, Office of the Comptroller. She had worked for the federal government since 1977, starting as an aide for the Federal Power Commission. In 1978 she joined the Department of Energy and then the DIA. She is survived by her husband, Kenneth, stepsons Kyle and Kellen, her mother Barbara Hill, and a brother.



Brenda Colbert Gibson, 59
Brenda from Falls Church, VA was a budget analyst for Resource Services Washington in the office of the administrative assistant to the Secretary of the Army. She had worked more than thirty years for the federal government at various agencies. She was the ultimate Redskins fan. Survivors include her husband, Joseph M. Gibson, III, her son Eric, her parents, Florence and LaBrent Colbert, and four sisters.



CIVILIAN Diane Hale-McKinzy, 38
Diane from Alexandria, VA served in the military from 1981 until 1985. She later joined the civil service, working more than 20 years for her country. In 1995 she was ordained as a deaconess in the Christian Hope Center Church. She is survived by her husband Gary; daughter Connie E. Hale; step-daughter, Ebony C. McKinzy; two sisters and four brothers.



CIVILIAN Carolyn B. Halmon, 49
Carolyn from Washington, DC worked as a budget analyst for the Army at the Pentagon. She was planning on retiring and moving to Hilton Head, SC. Carolyn is survived by her husband Herman, her son Stan and daughter Alisha.



CIVILIAN Sheila M. S. Hein, 51
Sheila from University Park, MD was in the Pentagon on 11 Sep as part of an Army internship studying manpower analysis. She joined the Navy after high school and served 10 years as a photographer. She later began a career in computer graphics, working on government contracts. She had just convinced her long-time partner, Peggy Neff, that they should buy bicycles and ride together. “We rode them six times,” said Neff.


CIVILIAN Angela M. Houtz, 27
Angela from LaPlata, MD was a senior analyst at the Pentagon for the Office of Naval Intelligence. She interned at the Office of Naval Intelligence in Suitland, MD. After graduation from college, she was hired as a regional analyst, specializing in Latin American affairs. She later worked for the Chief of Naval Operations and served as the Naval Intelligence Watch Officer in the Navy Command Center. She returned to the Office of Naval Intelligence until her appointment as a senior analyst at the Pentagon. She was considered a “shipmate” by her Navy coworkers.


CIVILIAN Peggie M. Hurt, 36
Peggie from Crewe, VA worked as an accountant in the Pentagon for the Army. She had been on the job only two weeks. Prior to getting hired at the Pentagon Peggie had worked for the government and the National Guard. She is survived by many relatives.




CIVILIAN Judith L. Jones, 53
Judith from Woodbridge, VA worked in the Pentagon. She sent the following email to some friends less than an hour before the 11 Sep terrorist attack. Michelle Bush, her daughter, said it “epitomizes the kind of friend she was.”
my friend, my companion,
through good times and bad.
My friend, my buddy,
through happy and sad.
Beside me you stand,
beside me you walk,
you’re there to listen,
you’re there to talk,
with happiness,
with smiles,
with pain and tears,
I know you’ll be there, throughout the years!
You are all good friends to me and I am grateful to you.

CIVILIAN Brenda Kegler, 49
Brenda from Washington, DC worked in the Pentagon as a budget analyst for the Army. She had worked in the Pentagon for 30 years. She decided to stay in DC and continue working even though her husband had retired and moved to Florida. They were looking forward to her retirement so they could be together again. She is survived by her husband, Bing, and two daughters.


CIVILIAN Shelley Ann (Farr) Marshall, 37
Shelley from Marbury, MD was a senior management officer in the comptroller’s office of the DIA. She joined the DIA in 1987 as a human resources manager. In 1993, she took an administrative officer position in the counterdrug analysis office. In 1999 she became a senior management officer. She is survived by her husband Donn, son Drake, daughter Chandler, parents Mack and Nancy Farr and brothers Mark and Robert.



CIVILIAN Teresa M. Martin, 45
Teresa from Stafford, VA was working for the Army as a budget analyst. She also did the bookkeeping for the family business, TJ Martin Trucking. She is survived by her husband and many others



CIVILIAN Ada L. (Wilson) Mason-Acker, 50
Ada from Springfield, VA was a budget analyst for the Army. She began her career with the US government in 1980. She is survived by her husband, Sherman L. Acker, Jr.; daughter Shannon; son Shaun; stepson Matthew Acker; three sisters and a brother; and her mother, Sareatha Wilson.




CIVILIAN Molly L. McKenzie, 38
Molly from Dale City, VA was a civilian budget analyst for the Army. She worked for the Army for 14 years. She is survived by her daughters Lea and Alana, mother Elizabeth Hornberger; brothers Larry and Kenny; sisters Sally Wetzel and Judy Yake; and her former husband, Shane McKenzie.



CIVILIAN Patricia E. Mickley, 41
Patty from Springfield, VA worked for more than 19 years for the Department of Defense. She was a nurturing mother, a loving daughter, a devoted spouse, a loyal sister, a caring aunt, a supportive friend and a dedicated professional. She is survived by her husband Joseph, daughter Marie, parents Philip and Jacqueline, sisters Anne and Katherine and brother John.



CIVILIAN Odessa V. Morris, 54
Odessa from Upper Marlboro, MD worked as a budget analyst in the Pentagon for the Army. She worked for the federal government for 32 years. She is survived by her husband Tony; children Dahlia, Jan-Sheri and Keith; brothers Winford, Daniel and Joseph; and sisters Ethel and Rachel.



CIVILIAN Diana Borrero dePadro, 55
Diana from Woodbridge, VA worked in the Pentagon as an accountant for the office of the Secretary of the Army. She joined the Army and was stationed at Fort Hood, TX. After leaving the Army in 1982 she stayed involved with military life. She worked briefly for the National Guard. She is survived by her husband Jose and sons José Javier and Juan Carlos.


USA SPC Chin Sun Pak-Wells, 24
Army Specialist Chin Sun Pak from Lawton, OK was known to her family and friends as “Sunny” and worked at the Pentagon as the administrative assistant to the deputy chief of staff for personnel. She joined the Army in 1998 and served a tour of duty in Korea. Survivors include her parents, Norman and Kum Wells, and brothers Chin Sok and Chin Yong Wells.



CIVILIAN Deborah Ann Ramsaur, 45
Deborah from Annandale, VA worked in the Pentagon as the secretary to the US deputy chief of staff for personnel. She loved her job and loved being a member of the Department of Defense. On weekends she proudly wore an Army T-shirt that read “hooah!” a word associated with soldiers. Survivors include her husband John; children Ann and Brian; mother Joyce LaRoche, and brothers Ernest and David.



CIVILIAN Rhonda Sue Ridge Rasmussen, 44
Rhonda from Woodbridge, VA worked in the Pentagon as a budget analyst for the Army. She is survived by her husband; children Nathan, Jeremiah, Thaddaus and Rebekkah; stepchildren Michael, Lisa and Shawn; her mother and three brothers.



USN IT1 Marsha Dianah Ratchford, 34
Marsha from Prichard, AL worked at the Pentagon as an Information Technician 1st Class with the Navy. She joined the Navy about 15 years ago. She is survived by her husband, a son and two daughters.




CIVILIAN Martha M. Reszke, 56
Martha from Stafford, VA worked for the Army budget office in the Pentagon. She had worked there for eight years. She is survived by her husband Jim.



CIVILIAN Cecelia E. Richard, 41
Cecelia from Fort Washington, MD worked in the Pentagon as an accounting technician for the Army. She had worked for the Defense department since graduating from high school. She loved the Washington Redskins football team and her pet Labrador. Her husband Michael survived her along with three sisters and three brothers, and her mother Mazie.



CIVILIAN Judy Rowlett, 44
Judy from Woodbridge, VA entered the federal service in 1986. She worked in a wide variety of positions prior to beginning work as a transportation assistant with the Defense Resources Activity Washington. She is survived by her mother and her daughters Trisha and Sicely.



CIVILIAN Marjorie Champion Salamone, 53
Marjorie from Springfield, VA worked at the Pentagon as a Army budget analyst. Survivors include her husband of 31 years, Ben, a retired Army colonel and veterinarian; daughters Amanda and Ann Marie; and her mother, Lillian Champion.




CIVILIAN Janice Marie Scott, 46
Janice from Springfield, VA worked in the Pentagon as a budget officer for Resource Services Washington. In 1987 she joined the U.S. Army Personnel Command as an assistant budget officer. In 1989 she became a budget officer with Resource Services Washington and in 2001 was promoted to team leader. Survivors include her husband Abraham and daughters Crystal and Angel.


CIVILIAN Marian H. Serva, 47
Marian from Stafford, VA worked in the Pentagon as a congressional affairs contact officer for the Army. She had worked at the Pentagon for 15 years. She is survived by her husband of 26 years, Bruce, who was retired from the Army and daughter Christina.




CIVILIAN Antionette M. Sherman, 35
Antionette from Forest Heights, MD worked in the Pentagon for the Army. She loved her dogs Oreo and Rex. She actually died 7 days later from her injuries. She is survived by her parents, Eloise and Charles Clark, and her foster son.



CIVILIAN Cheryle D. Sincock, 53
Cheryle from Dale City, VA was a 15-year government employee who worked in the Pentagon. She was a loving and devoted friend, mother, grandmother and wife. Survivors include her mother, Frances K. Thedans; her brothers and sisters; husband, Chief Warrant Officer Craig W. Sincock; her daughters, Debbie M. Templin, Stacy L. Thedans, and Michelle C. Cropp and grandchildren, Jacob, Meghan, Ethan, Kathy, Abbey, Ryan, and recent additions Casey and Kevin.



CIVILIAN Patricia J. Statz, 41
Patricia from Tacoma Park, MD worked in the Pentagon for the Army. She had worked as director at Army base theaters in Germany and traveled extensively in Europe. Survivors include her husband, David Carroll; sons Daniel and Erick; parents Vincent and JoAnn; sisters Elizabeth Erickson, Nancy Leon, Diane Brostrom, Renee Sreenivasam, Barbara Krause, and Catherine, Sandra, Jacqueline and Pamela Statz; and brothers Timothy, Charles and Phillip.


CIVILIAN Edna Lee Stephens, 53
Edna from Washington, DC worked in the Pentagon as a budget analyst. She worked for the Army and the Department of Defense for 34 years. Survivors include her son, Torrass Martez Allen; her father, the Rev. Eddie Stephens; sisters Betty Hill, Brenda Pyant, Gloria Darrisaw, Mary Stephens, Eunice Holcomb and Barbara Cobb, and brothers Eddie and Marvin.



CIVILIAN Sandra Carol Taylor, 50
Sandra from Alexandria, VA worked at the Pentagon with the Army for 9 years during a nearly three-decade-long career of government service., Her main focus in life was her daughter, for whom she was a constant cheerleader, best friend and supportive mother. Survivors include her daughter Samantha, brother Wayne Fraser and her fiancé, Timothy Dudgeon.




USA SGT Tamara Thurman, 25
Army SGT Tamara Thurman from Brewton, AL worked in the Pentagon as an assistant in the office of the deputy chief of staff for personnel. She enlisted out of high school and served in Bosnia, Korea and Germany. She is survived by her mother, Saundra Woolen and others.




USA LTC Karen J. Wagner, 40
Army LTC Karen J. Wagner from Houston, TX was the medical personnel officer in the office of the Army surgeon general and deputy chief of staff for personnel. During 17 years of service, her postings included adjutant for the 85th Medical Evacuation Hospital in Virginia.; executive officer and company commander in the 187th Medical Battalion in Texas and chief of personnel for the 57th Evacuation Hospital in Germany. She also headed the personnel services branch at Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington.



CIVILIAN Meta L. Waller, 60
Meta from Alexandria, VA worked in the Pentagon as special programs manager for the administrative assistant to the Army secretary.




USA SSG Maudlyn A. White, 38
Army SSG Maudlyn White from the Virgin Islands worked in the Pentagon. She was a quiet, independent person. “She likes to do things her own way, and that’s why she joined the Army,” said her stepfather, Richard Irish. Survivors include a daughter and four brothers and sisters.



CIVILIAN Sandra Letitia (Murray) White, 44
Sandra from Dumfries, VA worked as a budget analyst in the Pentagon for the Army. She worked for the Army for 15 years in budgeting and accounting. She is survived by her husband of 18 years, COL (Ret) Oscar N. White, Jr.; sons Oscar III and Jonathan; parents Aaron and Gloria Murray; brothers Curtis and Aaron Murray, and sisters MAJ Gloria Murray and Connie Harris.



CIVILIAN Lisa L. Young, 37
Lisa from Germantown, MD worked in the Pentagon as a personnel assistant. She began working at the US Department of Defense, DCSPER/Army, in 1986. She was also a devoted mother, loving sister and best friend. But her main priority was her daughter. Survivors include her daughter, Chaquita.





In doing research I also came across two other women who had military backgrounds. They were passengers onboard American Airlines Flight 77 which flew into The Pentagon:

CIVILIAN Mari-Rae Sopper, 35
Mari-Rae was about to take a position as the women's gymnastic coach at UC Santa Barbara. She was in fact a lawyer who served in the Navy with the JAG Corps as a Lieutenant. You can learn more about Mari-Rae at Mari-Rae Sopper | 9/11 Victims | washingtonpost.com.








CIVILIAN Vicki C. Yancey, 43
Vicki from Springfield, VA was a Defense contractor for the Vredenburg Co. She had served in the Navy as a naval electronics technician. She is survived by her husband David and daughters Michelle and Carolyn. You can learn more about Vicki at Remember: September 11, 2001-Vicki Yancey.




The World Trade Center in New York City was hit first. Police, Fire and EMS personnel as well as working dogs died that day or since:

It was announced that one of the Rescue Dogs who searched for victims for days following the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center in NYC had died. Jake, as he was known, had also helped to rescue victims following Hurricane Katrina. For this reason I decided to add him to this page so he can be remembered also! Here is Jake--a wonderful Lab from Oakley, UT--the Search and Rescue dog who died of cancer--

NYPD This is the official webpage for the New York Police Department. and also has a memorial page for their lost members. Police Officer Moira Smith was lost on 11 Sep 01. Moira Smith is another site where you can read about her bravery that day.

PAPD The Port Authority of New York and New Jersey is the agency that is in charge of securing the airports, tunnels, bridges, etc in the metropolitan NY and NJ area. Along with the 37 officers of the PAPD lost on 11 Sep 01, an additional member of the PAPD force was also lost and is often overlooked in the statistics. A special site had all their photos (though it's not working right now) but here are two special ones: CPT Kathy Mazza and Sirius, an Explosive Detection K-9, was a 4 year old yellow Labrador Retriever that was killed in the collapse of WTC Tower One. Learn a little more about Kathy Nancy Mazza-Delosh.


There was a page that honored the memory of Yamel Merino, a civilian EMT who died at the WTC on 11 Sep 01 but it has been removed from the Internet. A trust fund was set up for her son since her death wasn't covered by the city. Read about Yamel Jager Merino.

I'm not usually one to think of conspiracy theories however since 9/11/01 I have thought a lot about them. Therefore I decided to add a few links here that you might want to check out also:


 9/11 Issues--Judy Wood


 911Truth.org--The 9/11 Truth Movement


 CBC News--the fifth estate--The Lies that Led to War


 Chapter 5 - WTC Seven - The WTC Report


 Scholars for 9/11 Truth & Justice


 The BBC's 'WTC 7 Collapsed At 4:54 p.m.' Videos




 William Rodriguez 9/11


 YouTube--Rodriguez's story


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