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I happened to be invited to a picnic celebration in The Crossings at The Colonie Veterans Memorial on 18 July 2010--eleven months from dedication. I had only been there once since November 2009 and that was for a Memorial Day program. I was surprised to see all the landscaping that had been done. Here are some pictures that I took. Just click on each to enlarge! Photos by Noonie Fortin.



Personally I would have liked the concrete blocks which were from the Erie Canal and donated from the New York State Canal Department to have been turned or angled so you could see them as you approached the memorial. BUT I was wondering where the bronze plaques that were ordered, paid for, engraved and turned over to the new personnel were. They should have been attached in time for the Memorial Day program and they still aren't there.

BUT something else was more disturbing to me--someone had moved several Veterans bricks/pavers including our Founder's brick to make room for bricks that apparently had been made to honor the committee--many of whom weren't Veterans. Plus the top brick referred to the Town of Colonie Veterans Memorial Committee--that was not the name of the committee--rather it was the Colonie Veterans Memorial Committee. Photos by Noonie Fortin.


Word went out in many ways among the townspeople and by the next evening two of the bricks had been returned to their original positions but not all of the bricks--and the committee bricks were moved up a couple rows. SORRY--but it is many peoples opinion that committee names don't belong on any memorial! Off to the side or on the back perhaps but not on it. We will continue working to get the other bricks returned to their original places also.

I returned to the memorial on 1 August 2010 to check on bricks. This time the bronze plaques were attached to the Erie Canal cement blocks. Photos on top row (L-R) are as you enter the memorial at the left side of the entrance the Diamond, Platinum and Gold sponsors; then on the left side closest to the memorial is the Silver sponsors. On the bottom row on the right side closest to the memorial is the Trade Unions who helped construct the memorial. Photos by Noonie Fortin.



CVM Brick Timeline Fact

Bricks were engraved in the shop and laid at memorial site 30 July-13 August 2009.

Orders after that and any corrections were engraved at site in October 2009.

November 2009 Founder-Chairman Bob LaDuke and I ceased being involved with the memorial due to VFW change of command.

May 2010 new orders were engraved at site.

Nine bricks for the committee were engraved beginning in Row 35 and possibly to 37.

July 2010 committee bricks were moved down to Rows 42 to 44—moving previously engraved/laid bricks for three World War II Veterans and a Vietnam Veteran and possibly others. WHY?

19 July 2010 two bricks were returned to their original positions—the others weren’t—and committee bricks moved to up Rows 40 to 42. WHY?

There was no reason to move them from Rows 35-37 to Rows 42-44 or to Rows 40-42 dislodging those and other bricks and breaking down the mortar that held them in place since August 2009!

There was no reason to move at least four Veteran’s bricks to accommodate committee’s nine bricks!

There was no reason to not return committee bricks back to Rows 35-37 and returning original Veteran’s bricks to their original positions! How can I say this—It’s simple—see photos by Noonie Fortin below:

There are 6 empty bricks dead center on Row 35

There are 11 empty bricks dead center on Row 36

There are 7 empty bricks dead center on Row 37

There are 19 empty bricks dead center on Row 38

There are 5 empty bricks dead center on Row 39

There are 3 empty bricks dead center on Row 40



There are now many bricks that are loose and unstable in Rows 35 to 44. The Veterans, townspeople and taxpayers of this community should be outraged! In essence this beautiful memorial has been disgraced and many lives affected by the attitudes of those who moved bricks around since they were originally laid!

I returned to the memorial on 18 October 2010 and noticed a new bronze plaque had been put on one of the large blocks of cement. Enlarge the photo below to read what it says on it. Photo by Noonie Fortin.

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