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Cool Links

Since this page is a collection of miscellaneous items I decided to play a Hank Williams medley!

On this page you will find various Veteran and civilian sites.

01.20.09 Bush's Last Day A site for Buttons, Magnets, Decals, etc.

#1 Song on This Date in History Do you know what song was a hit on the day you were born?

1st Australian Field Hospital Vietnam" Code Name Vampire " Now is your chance to see what the Australian's have to say about their mission in Vietnam.

1940's JuKeBoX Wonderful music!

21 and a Wake-up An new movie is due out soon.

2007 Veterans Day parade in Washington, D.C. Great photos of the parade!

349 and the F-16 This site includes information about planes used by the Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

50,000 This is an amazing song!

9/11 We Know Have you wondered about 9/11/2001 and the events surrounding it--check this out!

A Clinician's Guide to Medications for PTSD Mental Health's guide for all.

A Healing of War A must see site!

A Military Veterans Guide To Disability Comp and Pen Benefits Self-explanatory.

A Military Veterans Guide To Disability Comp & Pension Benefits More of the above!

A POW's Christmas List This page will have you in tears.

AAFES (Army Air Force Exchange Service) A place online for active duty, reserve, guard, and retirees to shop.

About ESGR What is Employer Support for the Guard and Reserve?

Access to Archival Databases - List of Series Self-explanatory!

Admin22 Guides This site provides screen guides for questions involving any VA appointment you might have.

African American Civil War Memorial & Museum I admit it--I didn't know this museum existed until recently. Thank's Doc Spearman for letting me know about it!

AFVN-CDs A site to find music from the Vietnam War era.

Agent Orange Be sure you visit this site.

Agent Orange Another good site about this topic.

Agent Orange And yet another site.

Agent Orange More sites are coming out about this dreadful chemical.

Agent Orange This site has an article about CPT Bresnahan.

Agent Orange - Herbicide Exposure From the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs!

Agent Orange Info An excellent site!

Agent Orange Quilt of Tears Chat An excellent source.

Agent Orange Quilt of Tears Honor Roll Self-explanatory.

Agent Orange: The Last Battle This site offers a FREE film about Agent Orange to anyone who requests it.

Airborne and Special Operations Museum This new museum opened in 2000 in Fayetteville, NC.

Alex Jones Presents Infowars.com to Fight the New World Order This site provides another look at things going on in the world.

All About Vietnam A wonderful bibliography of books by and about Veterans of the war.

Amazon Book's First of all, how could I not let you know where you can find out more about my books. Take a moment to look at the pages with comments, an interview, and reviews about my books: Women At Risk: We Also Served, Potpourri Of War: Labors of Love Remembered and Memories of Maggie: Martha Raye--A Legend Spanning Three Wars.

America News Net An internet radio system that has programs about Veterans with a live radio program on Sundays called the POW-MIA Hour.

America Supports You An excellent place to find out what you can do to support our military personnel.

America's Promise This group was started by GEN Colin Powell.

American Battle Monuments Commission A site where you can find info about the various wars and our casualties.

American Civil Liberties Union If you have a problem with discrimination--this is the site to visit for some help!

American Contractors In Iraq Dedicated to promoting the support for all U.S. personnel.

American Ex-Prisoners of War Organization Lots of info about POW-MIAs here.

American Flags and Flag Products A great place to fulfill all your flag needs.

American Gold Star Mothers Inc These women are amazing!

American Gulf War Veterans Assn This is a good site to learn things about the Gulf War.

American Gulfwar Veterans Association More info about the war.

American Heroes This site provides flags to honor not only our military personnel but also fire, police and EMS folks.

American Highrise This site is dedicated to US Veterans.

American History In Video The Big Picture, Episode 277: The WAC!

American Military Veteran Search A site for active duty, reserve, and Veterans of the US Armed Forces to locate their friends whom they served with.

American Pain Foundation Self-explanatory since so many of our Vets are in pain..

American Red Cross A wonderful volunteer organization.

American Red Cross of Northeastern New York This is the agency closest to my home.

American Veterans for Equal Rights Inc  Another site for and about Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Veterans who served our great country.

American Veterans Traveling Tribute (AVVT) This website has their own version of a Wall BUT it is not The Moving Wall. 


Amputee Care Center Here are some articles about the ACC in the News.

Ann-Margret and her Gentlemen Read about this other amazing woman who really cares about the men and women who served our country. (The last time I checked--this site wasn't working.)

Annual Gettysburg Reenactment If you're a Civil War buff--you should visit this site and attend their annual reenactments!

Another Kind of Veteran...  A brother honors his sister.

Any Soldier®--Any Soldier Inc--Care Package--Soldier Support This site helps you find soldiers, airmen, marines and sailors, in need of care packages and mail from stateside!

Any Who Find anyone's phone, email, URL, fax, toll free number, or address.

Arizona POW MIA KIA Honor Guard This group is looking for members!

Arlington National Cemetery Self-explanatory!

Arlington National Cemetery - Main Contents Page A must have listing.

Arlington National Cemetery Website Title Page An official site!

Armed Forces Saving Network If you like to go to resort areas then you should check out this site before making reservations anywhere else. Did you know that special rates are available for active duty, Reserve, National Guard and retirees?

Armed Forces Tribute This is self-explanatory and wonderful!

Army Mom's Safe Haven Here's an opportunity to read some of Christina's poetry.

Army Navy Outfitters Military surplus clothing store.

Arrowhead Film & Video This company made "In The Shadow Of The Blade" but they have two new films coming out. One is about the Red Cross Donut Dollies and the other is about people who worked with/on Dustoffs.

Association of Former Intelligence Officers You might be eligible to join this group.

Audrain County Historical Society If you visit Missouri in September you might want to check out this organization since they have a wonderful project held each year.

Australian Artillery This is a wonderful website and not just because they gave me their Award of Excellence.

Band Of Bikers A group on Mission To Honor Soldiers - WLWT Cincinnati.

Bases with reported TCE water contamination Bell Legal Group provides this info.

Before They Go A Film Pledge Presentation but if it don't work try YouTube - Before They Go as it might work better!

"Before You Go" A tribute and thank-you to Veterans of the Vietnam War!

Best Drug Rehabilitation This Michigan company helps all people through many types of recovery therapy including our Veterans.

Beyond Orders Helping US soldiers rise above the call of duty.

Bikers and Veterans COL Teddy Bitner runs this site for bikers who are Veterans. Teddy is a good friend.

Bill Dumas Dot Com This man has produced some films about Vietnam.

Birth Defects To help Agent Orange survivors.

Blog Talk Radio Military internet radio shows and your military life.

Blue Star Mothers of America Visit this site to learn about these women, whose sons or daughters have served or are serving presently, also how to get "Blue Star Service Flags."

Blue Star Mothers of America--Capital Region 2 A local NY chapter.

Blue Star Museums Initiative A great listing of museums across the USA that are currently free for military personnel.

Books About Vietnam This site has many books by or about those who served in Vietnam.

Books For Soldiers Send some care packages for the mind.

Brain Injury Rehabilitation Traumatic Brain Injury Resources!

Branson Veterans Task Force This group provides several Veteran related events each year!

Burgh Watch One of the guys from my hometown area created this website. Included in it are photos of the area as well as a section dedicated to the Lansingburgh Veterans Club. The webmaster is also creating a link to other individuals who were with the USO.

BZ's Chino's Planes of Fame Photo Gallery Great photos of some amazing airplanes.

Camp White Visit this museum's website!

Celebrity Addresses! Here's your chance to get some Celebrity Addresses.

Celebrity Biographies, Timelines Learn a little more about some celebrities!

Center for the Families of the Fallen Interesting!

City of Santa Clarita, CA - Parks Wait till you see the Veterans Historical Plaza!

Civil War Prison Camps If you are a history buff or doing genealogy you might want to check out this website.

CodeAmber.org - The Web's Amber Alert System If you have a website of your own--you can go to this site and copy/paste the Amber Alert ticker tape onto your site. If you don't have a website--you can still go there to read about the children who are missing.

COLONEL MAGGIE Here is an opportunity to learn even more about Martha "Colonel Maggie" Raye--the woman who had more honorary titles than any other woman.

Community of Veterans A must see site.

Congressional Medal of Honor Society Everyone should visit this site to learn about the men and women who received these medals--most of them posthumously.

Constitution of the United States The official page to read this document as well as the Bill of Rights!

Creative Memories by Diane Nicholson Wait till you see what you too can do to preserve your memories!

Current Benefits - Public and Intergovernmental Affairs Learn what you have earned by serving in the Armed Forces of the US!

Cyber Sarge’s Lots of info here!

Cyndi's List This site can help anyone find out about family who served anytime in the US military.

D and G Enterprises Your one stop shop for military memorabilia.

Danny Proctor This is one of my good friends--and he loved Maggie too!

Dave Teke A Vietnam Vet involved with the POW-MIA issues!

DC Military A very good site that includes info from all branches!

DefendAmerica - U.S. Defense Dept. War on Terror: 01/31/2005 - Edition 2 This site shares a lot of info.

Defend America News - Here, we honor those who died in the attack on the Pentagon Photos and small bio of each man and woman who died at the Pentagon on 11 Sep 2001 including those aboard American Airlines Flight 77.

Defense Contractor Dedication This is a YouTube video that is dedicated to the men and women who were killed overseas while working as civilian contractors for the Defense Department.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service Home Page Do you have trouble with your pay? Here's the place to contact!

DefenseLink News Releases POW-MIA Read the latest news about POW-MIAs from the Defense Department.

Defense Equal Opportunity Management Institute DEOMI is an interesting site!

DemocracyNow A daily TV/radio news, hosted by Amy Goodman who covers stories many others won't!

Department of Defense  What a site!

Department of Veterans Affairs This is a page every Veteran and their family should become familiar with.

Desert Storm Memorial Room This site lists the men and women who have died since returning from the Gulf War and our government insists there were no chemical weapons used by either side.

Desert Storm Mom Homepage This is one of the most active Desert Storm mom's I've had the privilege to meet.

Desert Vets This group is for anyone who served in the Gulf War (Desert Shield-Desert Storm), Iraq, Afghanistan or the surrounding countries during the War on Terror.

Dignified Transfer Patrick Hughes photographs of the Fallen as they arrive in Dover, DE.

Dignified Transfer of Remains Jun 11 Have a hanky with you!

Disabled American Veterans Another site for those who were disabled serving our country.

DJ Harmony Mobile Entertainment If you're in need of a great DJ and you're in South Georgia, North or Central Florida--check out this woman. You can also hear her mix Wednesday evenings on MyLesbianRadio.com. You might also want to check the  DJ Harmony page! She also has a new video you can see at YouTube - DJ Harmony Mobile Entertainment if you're looking for great music and entertainment for any type of event and weddings take a look at my friend's video!

Doc Pardue Kerry was a medic in Vietnam.

E-mail Our Troops! Here you can learn how to "Email Our Troops!"

EAJ - Equal Access To Justice, Inc Learn what this group can do for you.

East Tennessee Veterans Memorial Association Wait till you see what this group provides.

Equal Honor For All ™ A good site for all to see.

Faces of Freedom Profiles of Fallen Heroes Slideshow!

Faces of Valor This website contains names, photos and some info about the American men and women who have died during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Fallen Heroes Memorial A place to read more about our fallen soldiers.

Felon Spy This site shows where known felons live--are there any in your area?

FHS 1961 JUKEBOX If you like music--this is a great place to find some of it.

FindLaw for Legal Professionals A place to look up case law for both Federal and State.

Finns Site A place for VN Vets

First Gov A site set up by the US Government.

Five for Fighting An interesting site.

Florida Mortgage Florida Home Loan helping Veterans with FHA, Conventional, Refinance, etc.

Florida Vietnam Veterans Reunion This annual event is held in Melbourne, FL.

Footnote A new spot to learn about the men and women on The Wall!


Fort Des Moines Memorial Park This is a new memorial area being built to honor the men and women who served during WW II who went through Fort Des Moines for training.

Free Veteran Flights Air Compassion for Veterans!

Free Welcome Home Banners Welcome Home Signs, Military Banners!

Freedom Fest  A community which honors our Veterans and freedom every September in a little rural town in Missouri.

Freedom*Rock (In Rural Iowa) This is a wonderful painted tribute to our troops.

Friends of the Central Highlands Home Page  A group of folks trying to help the Montagnards.

Gary's Agent Orange (Dioxin) A good information page.

Gathering of Eagles Vietnam Veterans are planning to protect The Wall in DC from protest marchers.

General Federation of Women's Clubs  I spoke to one of these chapters and would like to address others.

Gettysburg Flag This site provides a wonderful History of American Wars! I'd like to thank Bella and her students for bringing this page to my attention.

GI Search Find your friends here.

Gift From Within Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Information & Healing.

Gladiator, American Style A wonder slide show with music honoring our troops!

God is Great My pal Scooter made this web page to show her love of God, church and her partner/spouse!

Gotta See This Pictures of the Iraqi Freedom war.

Government & Armed Forces Travel Cooperative If you have had any connection with the military or civilian agencies--this website will show you some of the travel options available to you at special rates.

Grants.gov Find grant opportunities here!

Greasy Online This site offers many avenues to learn about Task Force Omega Kentucky and other issues dealing with POW-MIAs.

Greenpeace USA Join this organization to protect our environment and so much more.

Gulf Link I have many friends who served in the Gulf War and feel we can't give enough exposure to these men and women who are going through the same challenges with Gulf War Syndrome as the Vietnam Veterans with Agent Orange.

Gulf Vets Survey If you served in the Gulf--take this survey please.

Gulf War MIA's  More Americans that are unaccounted for properly.

Gulf War Veterans This is a must see site.

Gulf War Veterans Information System This has a lot of information about Gulf War Vets.

Gunner Palace Some war stories will never make the nightly news.

H-Net Reviews This site lists reviews that have been written about books and movies.

Healing Combat Trauma Check this site out!

Hearts Toward Home Here is another new book to check out that might help others heal.

Hillary Clinton Check into HIllary's site!

Historic Aviation A site for models, books, videos, art and more.

History of the Dog Tag An interesting site all about the Dog Tags of the military.

Hollywood On The Flip Side A great site by The PalletMaster's Workshop® dedicated to those folks who served our country!

Home Of Heroes An excellent database of Veterans who have REALLY received high military awards!

Home of the NYS Military Heritage Institute This is in Saratoga Springs, NY.

Homeless Information:  Washington - HUD If you are homeless or about to be--this site might help you.

Homepage-Vietnam Veterans, POW/MIA, Freedom Flight, Gallery A must see.

Honor and Remember A national campaign of remembrance!

Honor The Names A wonderful site showing names of the deceased men and women who served during Desert Storm as well as the current War on Terror in the Middle East.

ICQ - World's Largest Internet Online Communication Network  One of the many companies where Veterans can get together online.

Impeach07 If you think you know what has happened the last few years--check out this site first!

In-Country Vietnam Veterans Association An organization you should consider joining!

In Loving Memory - Gulf War Chemicals A page dedicated to those men and women who have developed cancer since being around the burn pits in the combat zones!

In Remembrance This is another site of listing of those killed in the War n Terror.

In The Shadow of the Blade Did you know a documentary was being made about the helicopters that worked in Vietnam? I didn't until this week. BUT I highly suggest that everyone visit this site and try to be in one of the many LZs when these guys come to your area to work on this film.

Institute of Medicine This site is all about the Health of Veterans.

Institute on World War II and the Human This is at the Florida State University (FSU)!

"International Hall of Honor"  A listing of Veterans from around the world where you can add your name or your friend's names.

Iowa Tuskegee Airmen Memorial This is an amazing memorial.

Iraq/Afghanistan War Heroes A list of the deceased.

Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America You need to visit this site!

Iraq Coalition Casualties If you want to see the stats on this war on terror--be sure to visit this site.

Iraq Veterans Memorial This site should be visited!

Iraq Veterans Memorial Another good site.

Iraq War Veterans Organization Welcome Home Operation for those who have served and are serving in Iraq.

Iwo Jima - The Flag Raisers Learn about these brave men!

Jewish War Veterans of the United States Here's an organization you seldom here about.

Jim Smith If you want some entertainment--here's your chance--Jim puts on a great program so check out his website. AND yes he is a Veteran!

Joe Miller's Gulf War Web Site Check it out.

Johny Kat's Home Page This fellow helped me a lot with my website when I had it on AOL. His graphics are wonderful.

Jones Poems Del "Abe" Jones sends me his poems occasionally and now he has them on this site as well as others.

Jule's Patriotic Page Just wait till you see this site. It is marvelous and she lets you borrow her graphics.

K'Dade Web Radio This site has live radio interviews with Veterans, authors and speakers and links to some of their websites. Some members of the American Author Association have been interviewed here.

Kokomo, Indiana Veterans Reunion An important gathering of Veterans!

Korat A list of Army and Air Force units that were in Korat and other areas in Southeast Asia.

Korean War Casualties This is a master list of KIA, MIA, POW, combat and non-combat casualties.

Korean War Educator: Marty O'Brien's Casualty Book - Chapter III This site has a lot of info about this war.

Korean War MIAs A site you can visit to learn about our troops still missing from the Korean War.

Lansingburgh Veterans Club I should be able to join this club as I'm originally from Lansingburgh. Their building has a bronze plaque on its outer wall for all to see that honors my three heroes!

Legal Term Dictionary-Lawguru If you are in need of understanding legal terminology for your VA claim--this site might help you!

Lizzie Palmer video This young woman made an amazing video honoring our Veterans.

Lyrics from LyricWiki This site can provide the lyrics to your favorite songs.

Malignant Mesothelioma Cancer Self-explanatory.

Malignant Mesothelioma & Asbestos Cancer Treatment Information Self Explanatory.

Martha Raye Fan Pages My friend Danny made this site and it's great!

MCO Headquarters If you don't already have MCO, you might want to consider getting it. It has many wonderful areas useful to both Active Duty personnel and Retirees.

Medal of Honor Citations: Vietnam  One of my best friends was awarded the Medal of Honor posthumously.

Medals of America This site has all the medals and ribbons of all the service branches as well as display cases and much more!

Medical War Memorial This memorial will honor the men and women of all branches who have served our country as medical personnel and paid the ultimate price.

Medics & Corpsmen This site shows a list of those who have died serving our country during the War on Terror.

Memorial Day Writers Project Visit this site to learn more about the project and the people you can meet on Memorial Day or Veterans Day near The Wall.

Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism You too can learn more about this topic.

Menu Foods Pet food recall information!

MERRY CHRISTMAS! View Christina's Music Playlist which includes a song sung by Dana Delany on China Beach.

Mesothelioma This site helps you through the steps of this disease and what you can do if you were exposed to asbestos!

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms of Mesothelioma Information.

Mesothelioma Cancer This site is done by Asbestos.net.

Mesothelioma Cancer Center Another excellent resource for those who have or think they have illnesses from asbestos.

Mesothelioma Group  Check this out.

Mesothelioma Prognosis Another site to help with this disease.

Mesothelioma Treatment Free resources, support, education and referrals to doctors.

Mesothelioma Veteran A site about Veterans with Mesothelioma.

Mesothelioma Veterans Center This site hopes to reach Veterans and their families and offers free Veteran specific resources and support.

Mesothelioma Web Is specifically for Veterans!

Michael Moore Breaking News! I wonder whatever happened to our Freedom of Speech when so many folks are harassed for vocalizing their beliefs.

Military.com This one is affiliated with The History Channel. Here you can find news, special features, locator service, history, and more.

Military Chefs This site is by and about the chefs who fix meals for our troops.

Military Connection is another site you might want to visit.

Military Connections this is not the same as the site just above!

Military Corruption Fighting for The Truth!

Military Families Lifestyle This is a Charitable Foundation!

Military Forum VAJoe helps you with anything military.

Military Glass Art Robin started doing some excellent glass art to honor the Navy but she now also does other services!

Military-Graphics A place for decals, stickers, medals, awards, insignia and vinyl graphics.

Military Lifestyle A site for everyone.

Military Order of the Purple Heart Home Page  A site for all to visit even if you are not a Veteran.

Military Pen Pals You might be interested in contacting some of the soldiers on posted on this website.

Military Plus This site offers military memorabilia online.

Military Reenlistment Eligibility (RE) Codes for the USN, USMC and USCG.

Military Separation Codes for the USA and USAF.

Military Service Check this one out.

Military Service Number Chart This page lists all the MOS's and ratings of all the military branches that were in effect during the Vietnam War.

Military Spot A new website for your use.

Military Tribute This is a very moving tribute while Taylor Hicks sings "Do I Make You Proud?"

Military Uniforms by Marlow White This site has uniforms available for Army and Navy personnel or Vets.

Military Wives Website These women are often left behind but NEVER forgotten. (The last time I checked--this site wasn't working.)

Military Writers Blog A site for members of the MWSA to drop notes about their writings!

Military Writers Society of America (MWSA) A group of writers who are also Veterans!

Missing in America Project Veteran Recovery Program.

Modest Needs® If you are in need of help--this site can maybe assist you!

Moondance Film Festival This festival held every January in Boulder, CO is all about films for, by and about women.

MultiNationalForce-Iraq This has some interesting info on it.

My Return to Vietnam Henry Bechtold shares his photos of the places he served in and returned to in Vietnam.

Napoli Vietnam Oral History Project This page is searching for info about the 1985 Welcome Home March across the Brooklyn Bridge in NYC.

Nam Guardian Angel A must visit site!

NARA--eVetRecs A place to request your military records.

NARA--Research--Electronic Records Self-explanatory!

NARA--Veterans--How to Request Military Service Records Self-explanatory!

NARA--Vietnam and Korean War Casualty Lists Self-explanatory!

NASA's Space Flights Find out when the next flight is going.

National Archives and Records Administration  A place to turn to if you need copies of your records.

National Cemetery Administration, Dept of Veterans Affairs  Here you can find any military cemetery.

National Center for PTSD This is the best place to go if you have problems with PTSD.

National Council for the Social Studies  A group of teachers who should get educated about the Vietnam War so they can teach their students about it.

National D-Day Museum Visit this new site and if you are in the neighborhood stop in to visit the museum in New Orleans.

National Gulf War Resource Center Inc. It is about time a national site was set up.

National League of POW-MIA Families Its a shame this group had to be formed.

National Medal of Honor Day March 25!

National Museum of American Jewish Military History I didn't know about this museum until recently.

National Organization of Veterans Advocates, Inc They might be able to help you.

National Personnel Records Center  Another place to get your records from.

National Sex Offender Registry If you love your family you'll want to check out if sex offenders live in your area!

National Vietnam Veteran Art Museum This site shows you some of the exhibits they have.

National World War II Memorial This is self-explanatory but you can also register those who served in the war so they can be remembered in a special way!

Nationwide Gravesite Locator This site can help you find anyone who is buried in a Federal cemetery.

Navajo Nation Council This group just made their trip to The Wall in honor of PFC Lori Piestewa.

NCOA The official website for the Non-Commissioned Officer Association.

New Directions Inc A place for help for all Vets!

New England Journal of Medicine This article examines Combat Duty in Iraq and Afghanistan, Mental Health Problems, and Barriers to Care.

New Glarus, WI Veterans Reunion This is the only winter Veterans gathering in the USA!

New Jersey Vietnam Veterans Memorial This museum is in Holmdel, NJ and has many interesting events.

News Worthy Veteran's Group Gives 10,000 Disturbing DVDs.

No Limits A new site run by the folks who supported Hillary Clinton.

Non-Combat Deaths Names and info on those who died as result of non-combat.

Normandy This site shows you memorials and cemeteries in Europe for our fallen WW II Vets.

Normandy-Normandy Allies This is an amazing site dealing with WW II.

NSDAR Home Page The National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution.

NVVR--Vietnam Vet Reunion The Nebraska Vietnam Veterans Reunion site!

NYS Division of Veterans' Affairs Some interesting things here.

NYS Military Affairs Symposium A listing of events of interest.

NYS Military Awards and Decorations If you are or were from NY you might be eligible for these awards!

NYS Military Heritage Museum A new museum covering not only New York's military heritage but also the men and women from New York who served their country.

NYS Military Museum and Veterans Research Center This site is operated by the state and has a little more information than the NYS Military Heritage Museum below.

O'Reilly-Fire Home on the web Janet O'Reilly Herron, the woman who created this site, is involved with the Fire Service agency in Utah. BUT she is also from a patriotic family and is involved with the POW-MIA issues.

Oakland Museum of California This museum is having an exhibit called "What's Going On?—California and the Vietnam Era" which should be seen many not only in California but also in the cities where they will be taking the exhibit after this one closes.

Official Patriotic Pillow Project Learn how you can help with this project.

Ohio Military Hall of Fame for Valor Wait till you see the men and women this site honors!

Ojibwe Sun-Set Native Arts & Crafts They make some amazing items for Veterans.

Oklahoma City National Memorial This site tells you all about the memorial to the people who lost their lives on 19 Apr 95!

Old Forty Fives Do you like old music--check this out!

Oldies Music If you like music--this is the site for you!

Operation First Response Supporting Wounded Military & their Families.

Operation Homecoming USA Finally a reunion and Homecoming for Vietnam Vets will be held in Branson, MO in June 2005!

Operation Iraqi Freedom, Operation Enduring Freedom A listing of casualties which include some info about each.

Operation Military Care, (K-9) This page honors the K-9 Corps of the US military.

Oral History The Brooklyn Historical Society is doing a wonderful job of collecting Veteran's oral histories!

Orange Bracelets If you know someone who suffers from or has died due to Agent Orange you can get a bracelet with his or her name on it!

Order of the Silver Rose A citation and award for people afflicted with Agent Orange.

Our History Project Wait till you see what this group is doing.

Our Nations Highest Honor - The American Flag  Veterans of America Honor Guard--Military Honors by Boyd Fallwell.

Paintings immortalize fallen troops These pictures are worth seeing!

Path of the Warrior Worth checking out.

Patriot Files  This site is dedicated to the preservation of Military History.

Patriot Files Forums Check it out.

Patriot Flight Inc. This is the New York State site helping WW II Veterans go to DC to see the WW II Memorial.

Patriot Guard Forums Americans Doing the Right Thing.

Patriot Guard Riders This group helps to protect our fallen heroes from the likes of protestors!

Patriot Guard Riders of New York This page shows what the NY group is doing.

Pauline Laurent, Life Coach -- Coaching Baby Boomers to Claim the Second Half See how Pauline helped herself pick up the pieces of her life after her husband died in Vietnam.

Pearl Harbor Remembered This is an amazing site in remembrance of 7 December 1941!

Pearl Harbor Survivors Project If you are a survivor or have a family member who was a survivor then you should visit this site to post your information or to learn about the men and women who were there then.

Pentagon Memorial Dedication These are amazing photos of the dedication!

Perspectivesssurvivor on Gulf War Syndrome Read what this war has done to its participants.

Philadelphia Vietnam Veterans Memorial Official Website This is interesting.

Phonetic alphabet tables Now you too can learn some of our lingo!

Pipl A People Search site!

Planning military reunions A site that claims to be the Nation's leading military reunion planner.

Playa Cofi A site for music of most era's--Our Musical Heritage.

Poems In The Keys Of Life :: Reflections of a combat medic If you want to read this book--go to this site!

Point Man International Ministries An excellent organization!

Post Traumatic Stress Support Group Check it out!

POW-MIA Freedom Fighters You can learn so much from this site about thie issue.

POW-MIA Homepage  This is the Library of Congress database site.

POW-MIA Riders VMC Be sure to visit this site.

POW-MIA & Veterans Dedication Page An excellent page by Patrick J. Hughes.

POW Network This group attempts to tracks POWs, MIAs and point out phony's.

POW Returnees and Escapees | Operation Homecoming and Before Stacy has done a nice job on this site!

Pritzker Military Library Here you can listen to some interesting lectures.

Project We Remember A site where you can get support or help others in need.

PTSD A site from the Mental Health Channel.

PTSD SPC5 Dwight H (Skip) Johnson story about how PTSD affects them.

PTSD and Veterans Check this out!

PTSD Reference Manual This is a must read manual for everyone.

Purrfect Pets This British woman is saving pets from Baghdad.

Quilt Of Tears This is all about the Agent Orange Quilt of Tears!

Radio Country Many of our Veterans are also musicians. Elvis Carden served in Vietnam 65-66. He is one of the musicians/singers involved with this site. So please visit him.

Rare Aircraft I've never seen most of these!

Ray's Web Server One more good site and be sure to visit his Map Room.

Re: Vietnam -- Stories Since the War The Public Broadcasting System has done a program about Veterans.

Recollections of Vietnam Some photos.

Remembering The Forgotten War A site about the Korean War.

Rensselaer County - History Information & Timeline This site explains all about our countries' Uncle Sam Wilson!

Retired Reservist This is a blog by a retired man who also served in the Army Reserve.

Return to Vietnam A 9th Inf Div soldier's return to the country!

Returning Service Members OEF/OIF members and what the VA can do for you!

ReunionNet Home Page  Another site that lists reunions of Veteran's groups.

Revolutionary War This is a history-based travel/road trip to learn about the war!

Ribbon Checker The last time I checked this page had all the Navy and Marine Corps ribbons but was to add the Army, Coast Guard, and Air Force to it.

Rolling Thunder®, Inc. This is the National Headquarters site!

Rolling Thunder NY-5 This is the New York chapter's site!

Saint Barbara and Molly Pitcher Awards This site shows the requirements to submit someone's name for these awards. Though they are named for women--anyone can receive them.

San Francisco National Cemetery Very interesting.

Sarah's Healing Haven This nurse who served in Vietnam has an excellent site.

Saratoga Flag This is a site where you can do some Online Flag Shopping and their store is about an hour from me.

Saratoga National Cemetery - Saratoga County, New York The actual name for this place is the Gerald B. H. Solomon Saratoga National Cemetery named for a local Congressman.

Saunders Military Insignia Super Store A place for military patches, military ribbons, etc.

Screaming In An Empty Room What an amazing piece!

Selective Service System: Publications This page lists publications you can get!

Separation Program Numbers Codes This is the Alpha List of VA codes!

Service Flags A place to order the flags that have blue stars on them.

Servicemembers Legal Defense Network A necessary entity to help those who need it.

Shadows Among Us This site is by a Vet and about paranormal experiences.

Shawna Russell This is one amazing singer and wait till you hear the Shawna Russell--Shed a Tear Listen carefully to Shawna's song and be sure to have a hanky nearby!

Shiloh National Military Park What an historical place!

Short Timer Calendar A cute list of sayings for short timers!

Silver Star Families This group helps our men and women in uniform.

Soldier City A very good website.

Soldier City, Inc. - Patches A place to get some patches.

Soldier Of Fortune A website for the magazine.

Soldiers' Angels Adopt a Soldier!

Soldier's Angels This group provides medical support for our troops!

Soldiers' Angels Home Visit this site!

Soldiers', Sailors', and Airmen's Club, Inc. If you are ever in New York City and need a place to stay that is definitely affordable try this place!

Soldiers' Videos Some video from Walter Reed Army Medical Center while Oprah was there!

Sons & Daughters In Touch This group of offspring is related to those listed as POW-MIA.

Star Collector Another site which provides celebrity addresses.

Stardust Radio Network "where technology and talent meet"

Statistics about the Vietnam War You may not agree with all the things on this site--I sure didn't.

Steve Nash California Vets Memorial This memorial is on the capitol's grounds in Sacramento.

Strumming for Vets This is an excellent program an Survival Straps Paracord Survival Bracelets, Lanyards, Belts etc!

Surviving Mesothelioma A Patient's Survival of Mesothelioma Cancer

Surviving Military Boot Camp Self-Explanatory.

Susan G Komen Foundation This site is all about the Susan Komen Breast Cancer Foundation. A very important site for all women and men.

Talking Proud--USA--Service and Sacrifice A site honoring service a Task Force Omega, Inc. This organization is heavily involved with researching all information about the men and women listed as POW-MIA who have yet to return from Vietnam.

Teach Vietnam A wonderful program that you can have in your school too.

TED--Talks--Dean Kamen New prosthetic arm for veterans (video)! THIS IS A MUST SEE VIDEO!

Textbook of Military Medicine Dealing with Chem-Bio hazards.

Thank Our Veterans A site dedicated to saying thank you to our veterans.

Thank Your Military | Thank A Soldier | Causes By all means--

That Ragged Old Flag Written by Johnny Cash.

The American Legion National Headquarters  A site for every Veteran. 

The American Legion Department of New York This is the NY page!

The American Veterans Disabled for Life Memorial This should be built but should have been done a long time ago!

The Australian Involvement in Vietnam Another Australian website!

The Blinded Veterans Association  So many Veterans lost their site and this group helps them.

The Breast Cancer Site Everyone should learn as much about this topic as possible as it affects many people including Veterans.

The C-7A Caribou Association This site offers quite a bit info about their organization!

The David Westphall Veterans Foundation This is the Angel Fire Memorial in New Mexico!

The Embassy Page  Have you ever wondered where our embassies are located?

The High Ground A wonderful memorial site in central Wisconsin.

The History Net A site about history.

The Inside Story: Anniston, AL Get some of the facts about the problems at Fort McClellan involving the chemicals that have affected so many women who were there for Basic Training and men who were there for Chemical or Military Police training.

The Institute on World War II and the Human Experience Florida State University is collecting histories of Veterans also.

The International Society of Dysfunctional Veterans An interesting site to say the least!

The Medallion Magazine This is a great look at WW II and some of the women who serve The Memory Project This site is from our northern neighbors--Canada. They have a program for recording their military history.

The Military Museum  This is a must see site and someday I hope to visit this museum in person.

The Moving Wall Home Page  Info about The Moving Wall can be found here. Visit this site often as it is updated frequently. This is The Moving Wall that John Devitt began and continues to work with!

The National Remember Our Troops Campaign This is a wonderful site!

The National Society Children of the American Revolution Another group who can prove they had relatives serving during the American Revolution.

The National Veterans Organization of America An interesting group.

The New Britain Project A group of concerned citizens continue to search for planes and people lost during WW II.

The Pentagon: Headquarters of the United States Department of Defense Self-explanatory!

The Pentagon Channel Watch some of the specials that come out of this building.

The Poetic Plumber Roger writes wonderful poems and has a special page dedicated to America and our troops!

The Price of Freedom: Americans at War This site shows a part of a permanent exhibit that is now open to the public at the Museum of American History in Washington, DC.

The Retired Enlisted Association Any retired enlisted person from any branch can join this group.

The Spinal Cord Injury Resource Page An excellent source for information.

The Student Operated Press An interesting site.

The Ultimates Another search engine.

The United States Mint This is where you can go to order special coins.

The United States War Dogs Association This is a must visit website!

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program If you're a Vet and need legal help--contact this group.

The Vietnam Center & Archive Part of Texas Tech University in Lubbock.

The Vietnam Experience Bill McDonald flew with the 128th Assault Helicopter Company. His site provides a lot of information about the war, after effects, links, and he even has a page dedicated to Colonel Maggie!

The Vietnam Project - Texas Tech University This is a great site for researching.

The Vietnam Veteran's Memorial Wall Page Another wonderful site honoring our fallen and to easily search names, dates, etc!

The Vietnam War - American Soldiers Fought and Died Here to Defend Our Freedom Wait till you see this page.

The Vietnam War ended on April 30, 1975 This has 23 images of the war.

The Virginia War Museum Even if you don't live in Virginia this site is worth the visit as is the museum.

The Virtual Wall You need to see some of the remembrances left at this site.

The Wall  Visit this site often just like you would The Wall in DC. This traveling Wall is in conjunction with The Wall in Washington, DC originated by Jan Shruggs.

The Wrong Army? Wait till you read this page!

Their Voice POW/MIA Families Tell Their Stories!

TLC Brotherhood This is a group of men and women who served in Thailand, Laos, and/or Cambodia.

TMCA Online Visit the Tennessee Military Collectors Association.

To Our Parents Have your tissues handy!

Today's Military: Concerns A site to learn about some of the concerns of the military.

"Toxic Injustice, Part 1" Incite Magazine's article by Aaron Sussman.

Traumatic Brain Injury Center This is an excellent Spinal Cord Injury Resource.

TREA Empire State Chapter 120 The Retired Enlisted Association's New York state chapter.

Tribute to the Troops See what's being done to support our troops.

Tuskegee Airmen Learn about these amazing men and their efforts during WW II.

TWA Flight 800 Investigation Can we really believe everything the "powers that be" tell us?

Ultimate Sacrifice Memorial This new website is all about American soldiers who have given the ultimate sacrifice!

United Service Organizations Learn about this great organization.

United States Volunteers If you are looking to join an organization--this might be up your alley.

Unofficial Vietnam Alphabetical Index This is a good site to learn the lingo!

US Department of Defense Official Website Visit this site to learn more about the Pentagon.

US Department of State Websites of U.S. Embassies and Consulates This official site can lead you to our embassies around the world.

US Military Bases Known To Be Contaminated That's right--many of the US bases are contaminated by many substances and chemicals that have effected our Veterans as well as the surrounding communities.

US Military Information This site has a bunch of topics and is very interesting.

US Military Videos Storefront A good place to order documentary films.

US Special Operations Command Some of my friends were with Special Ops.

US Veteran Compensation Programs A place for some assistance.

USAREUR Units This page honors the 53rd Trans Bn.

USFlag.org This is dedicated to the Flag of the USA!

VA Aid and Attendance This site offers help for those who have served.

VA Claims Information Self-explanatory!

VA Home Loan Centers Self-explanatory!

VA Loans from VA Mortgage Center If purchasing a home this is a must visit site.

VA medical abbreviations You too can now understand some of the things written in your charts!

VA Mortgage Center This is a mortgage research company that specializes in VA lending. Any Veteran can go here for help.

VA Mortgages & Loans Government Housing & Mortgage Help for Veterans!

VA Nationwide Gravesite Locator This site can help you find locations of some of your long lost friends.

Valor Remembered This is a special site that is doing what it can to remember some of our HEROES--including Medal of Honor recipient MSG Roy Benavidez!

VetDogs Veteran's K-9 Corps--a good site.

VetDogs Veterans and Agent Orange This cover the health effects of herbicides used in Vietnam.

Veteran Benefits Denial Lawyers Check it out!

Veteran Falls A new memorial will be built!

Veteran of the Month Check out this site honoring our Veterans!

Veteran To Veteran  "Knowledge is Power" according to this website. Here you will find info for filing VA claims BUT its not from the VA. Veterans who have BEEN THERE-DONE THAT help you with your claims.

Veteran Tributes This site has tributes to many men and women who have served our country!

Veterans.com Connecting generations--The History Channel.

Veterans This site has several interviews of Veterans of WW II.

Veterans, Asbestos, and Mesothelioma More info to help you.

Veterans Benefits A site worth looking at!

Veterans For Peace This site provides a lot of info including help for Veterans Exposed to Asbestos.

Veterans Memorial Highway 83, Nebraska An amazing site.

Veterans Memorial Museum in Branson  This museum is new as is it's website. I hope to visit the museum if I get back to Branson this summer.

Veterans Music Ministry Music by Monica Harvey.

Veterans of Foreign Wars A site with a lot of information.

Veterans Organizations and Support Groups This site has helped me quite a bit. 

Veterans Post News A good site for information.

Veterans Today This site is about benefiting Veterans of the US military.

Veterans Resources Court Cases Check this out.

Veterans Support Organization Corporate Check them out.

VetFriends Military & Veteran Search! A good tool!

Vets 4 Vets Peer Support For Iraq And Afghanistan-Era Vets.

Vets.Com Magazine Help for Veterans, Military, Families Another good site.

Vets United An interesting site honoring those of us who have served!

Vietnam, America's Longest War Another fine tribute to the men and women who served during the war!

Vietnam Babylift See how Lana Noone honors those who died and survived this event in 1975.

Vietnam Dog Handlers Association These men had a special relationship with our four-legged friends.

Vietnam Dogtags This site lists some of the dogtags that one women found while touring Vietnam. She is attempting to reconnect Veterans or their families with these dogtags.

Vietnam Helicopter Pilots Association For all those chopper guys who flew in-country.

Vietnam Journal One of the men I know kept this journal while he was in-country.

Vietnam: Looking Back - At The Facts Good info!

Vietnam Magazine This site has part of the magazine that is only about Vietnam.

Vietnam Veterans A site worth visiting!

Vietnam Veterans Against the War I've become acquainted with some folks who belong(ed) to this group and feel their site should be shared here as well.

Vietnam Veterans Home Page This website is a wealth of information for anyone who served in-country or elsewhere.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial (The Vietnam Wall) This is a new search site for names on The Wall.

Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund Self-explanatory.

Vietnam Veterans of America Ch 266 Vietnam Veterans of America on the Internet  Yes I finally joined this group.

Vietnam War  A resource site.

Vietnam War Commemoration Take a look at this one.

Vietnam War Museum Are you are looking for artifacts and information about the country, our Veterans, the Vietnam War, etc? If so take a few minutes to look here. 

Vietnam War Records Vietnam is a click away!

Vietnam War Resources This is an excellent site full of resources.

VietnamWar.net  This site shows you many things.

VVA 924 in Utah Wait till you see this site!

WA PTSD Center Camp Chapperal is in Washington state to help Vets with their PTSD issues.

WACVO  I had the pleasure of visiting <<< Wisconsin and speaking to this group in 1998.

War Dogs - The Untold Story Of Dogs In Combat Another wonderful website dedicated to these amazing dogs and the men who worked with them.

Warriors...in their own words This is a new documentary and at this site you can watch a trailer of it.

We all Want Peace This site was begun by families in Ohio who lost Marine Reservists in Iraq.

We Were Soldiers This is Joe Galloway's website!

Welcome Back Veterans Another community honors our Vets.

Welcome Home 2011 Chicago A celebration that will take place in 2011.

Welcome Home Veterans This site offers some things for sale to Welcome Home Veterans from various wars!

Welcome to AMVETS National Headquarters A must see site.

Welcome to Chicken Soup for the Veteran's Soul At this site you can learn about this new book that was released in May 2001.

Welcome to Foxfall Medals Another site to order your medals from.

Welcome to Secrets of War!  Documentary series narrated by Charlton Heston.

Welcome to the Center of Military History You can learn a lot from visiting this site.

Welcome to the Chemical-Biological Warfare Exposures Site An interesting site!

Welcome to the Electronic Department of Veteran Affairs That's right--some things can now be done electronically!

Welcome to the New USO Website This group has done so much for our troops.

Welcome to the online home of Liberty USO, Philadelphia, PA See what they do in Philly!

Welcome to the Vietnam Babylift Website This site is dedicated to those who served during Operation Baby Lift. There is a special Departed Friends section which has a dedication to CPT Irish Bresnahan.

Welcome To The White House  Have you ever wanted to contact someone in The White House? Now's your chance.

Welcome to U-Tapao This site has members from all branches, though mostly from the US Air Force, who were stationed at U-Tapao in South East Asia.

Welcome to USDR A site for Uniformed Services Disabled Retirees!

Welcome to Veterans of Modern Warfare Membership to VMW is open to current active duty service members, National Guard, Reserve and Coast Guard service members as well as any veteran of the United States Armed Forces who has served since August 2, 1990.

Welcome to Veterans Radio A live talk radio each Saturday morning.

Welcome to Vets For Justice If you have a gripe with the US this could be the place to voice it but beware there has been legal action taken against the people who run this particular site.

Welcome to Washington Law Help Homeless folks can use their assistance.

Wellesley College -- Vietnam War Links A wonderful set of links!

What I can do - I will - You will really like reading about Stacey Jones and what she is doing. Also read this clip.

What is Multiple Chemical Sensitivity? Now you can learn about MCS and how it effects many of us!

Who Runs Government A directory that will help you locate who is who in what state!

Who Served? This is where you can go to see if your US Representative, Senator or President served our country in the military!

Wind Walker Guest Ranch :: Spirit of the West See what Spring City, UT has to offer Vets.

Wisconsin Department of Veterans Affairs  I have the pleasure of knowing some of the folks in this agency.

Wisconsin POW-MIA Balloon Launch Doc Dentice does it again with this amazing site. Visit Doc also at:

Wisconsin Stories Interesting site!

Wisconsin Veterans Museum Home Page  What a wonderful museum and site.

Worldwide Veterans Top Sites Go here to vote for your favorite sites!

Wounded Times Blog Chaplain Kathie's blog!

Wounded Times: Has PTSD evolved or have we? This is an excellent article!

Wounded Warrior Project An excellent site!

Write To A Celebrity This is another site with Celebrity Address Archives!

WW II and Korean War Secrets and Unknown Stories A very nice page!

WW II MIA Experts Moore's Marauders digs into searching for our Missing in Action troops!

YouTube - DJ Harmony Mobile Entertainment If you're looking for great music and entertainment for any type of event and weddings take a look at my friend's video and her website  DJ Harmony!

YouTube - Lockheed's C-141 "The Hanoi Taxi" This video will bring tears to your eyes!

YouTube - Missing Veterans Recovered in Louisville Kentucky A very touching video and there is a follow-up story to this which can be seen at Funeral for found Veterans remains held in Louisville that explains a little more as to how these remains came to be unclaimed.

YouTube - North Platte Canteen An interesting video to say the least.

YouTube - Press One For English If you were born here in the US you will want to watch this video.

YouTube - Sodexo American Soldiers This company hires and with this video honors many of our countries Veterans!

YouTube - Thank You Soldiers Veteran's Day/Memorial Day Song!

YouTube - The Wall This video features my friend Britt Small and Festival!

Zeitgeist This movie, made in 2007, is available to watch online but be prepared cause it is about 2 hours long.

Zeitlangers.com A listing of fatalities from OEF/OEF wars.

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