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I'm a big movie fanatic. So listed here are some of the movies and documentaries that I've seen. Some of them you might want to watch. Those that are marked with two asterisks (**) are primarily by or about women who served our country--though some are of a fictional nature. I've also written reviews about some of these movies and documentaries. Those are marked with by them--and now you can read my reviews by visiting my MOVIE REVIEWS section.


A Bridge Too Far (about WW II with Michael Caine, 1977)

A Few Good Men (with Tom Cruise and Demi Moore, 1992)

A Glimpse of Hell (about the 1989 USS Iowa explosion with James Caan, 2001)

A League of Their Own (about women's professional baseball with Tom Hanks and Gena Davis, 1992)

A League of Their Own: The Documentary (1992)

A Midnight Clear (about WW II with Peter Berg, 1992)

A Soldierís Story (about WW II with Howard Rollins, 1984)

A Whale of a Tale (with William Shatner, 1980)

A Wing and a Prayer (about WW II with Don Ameche, 1944)

A Yank in the RAF (about WW II with Tyrone Power, 1941)

Air Force (about WW II with John Garfield, 1943)

Air Force One (with Harrison Ford, 1997)

Always (about firefighters with Richard Dreyfuss and Holly Hunter, 1989)

An Officer and a Gentleman (with Richard Gere and Debra WInger, 1982)

Andersonville (about the Civil War Prison Camp, 1996)

Anzio (about WW II with Robert Mitchum, 1968), 

Apocalypse Now (about Vietnam with Marlon Brando and Martin Sheen, 1979)

Attack! (about WW II with Jack Palance, 1956)


Backdraft (about firefighters with Kurt Russell, 1991)

Bambi (Disney cartoon, 1942)

Band of Brothers (about WW II, 2001)

Basic (with John Travolta, 2003)

Bat-21 (about Vietnam with Gene Hackman, 1988)

Battle of Britain (about WW II with Michael Caine, 1969)

Battle Cry (about WW II with Van Heflin, 1955)

Battle of the Bulge (about WW II with Henry Fonda, 1965)

Battleground (about WW II with Van Johnson, 1950)

Beaches (with Bette Midler and Barbara Hershey, 1988)

Behind Enemy Lines (about Bosnia with Gene Hackman and Owne Wilson, 2001)

Between Heaven and Hell (about WW II with Robert Wagner, 1956)

Bicentennial Man (with Robin Williams, 1999)

Biloxi Blues (with Matthew Broderick, 1988)

Blackhawk Down (about Somalia with Josh Harnett, 2002)

Born on the Fourth of July (about Vietnam with Tom Cruise, 1989)

Boys on the Side (with Whoopi Goldberg, 1995)

Braveheart (with Mel Gibson, 1995)


Captains of the Clouds (with James Cagney, 1942)

Casualties of War (about Vietnam with Michael J Fox, 1989)

Close Encounters of the Third Kind (with Richard Dreyfuss, 1977)

Coal Minerís Daughter (with Sissy Spacek, 1980)

Collateral Damage (with Arnold Schwarzenegger, 2002)

Coming Home (about Vietnam with Jon Voight, 1978)

Common Ground (with Steven Weber and Ed Asner, 2000)

**Courage Under Fire (about the Gulf War with Meg Ryan, 1996)

Crimson Tide (with Denzel Washington, 1995)


Dave (with Kevin Kline, 1993)

D-Day: The Sixth of June (about WW II with Robert Taylor, 1956)

Desperate Journey (about WW II with Errol Flynn, 1942)

Destination Toyko (about WW II with Cary Grant, 1943)

Dirty Dancing (with Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey, 1987)

Donovanís Reef (about WW II with John Wayne, 1963)


Enemy at the Gates (about WW II with Ed Harris and Jude Law, 2001)  

Enemy Mine (with Dennis Quaid and Lou Gossett Jr, 1985)

Ensign Pulver (about WW II with Robert Walker Jr, 1964)

**Entertaining Vietnam--a documentary (about Vietnam, 2002)

ET (with Henry Thomas, 1982)

Every Time We Say Goodbye (with Tom Hanks, 1987)

Everyman's War (2009)


Fighter Squadron (about WW II)

Finding Nemo (Disney cartoon, 2003)

Flight of the Intruder (about Vietnam with Danny Glover, 1991)

Flying Tigers (about WW II with John Wayne, 1942)

For The Boys (with Bette Midler and James Caan, 1991)

For Whom the Bell Tolls (with Gary Cooper, 1943)

Forest Gump (with Tom Hanks, 1994)

Frequency (with Dennis Quaid, 2000)

Fried Green Tomatoes (with Kathy Bates and Mary Stuart Masterson, 1991)

From Here to Eternity (with Burt Lancaster, 1953)

Full Metal Jacket (about Vietnam with Matthew Modine, 1987)


Gardens of Stone (about Vietnam with James Caan, 1987)

Gettysburg (about the Civil War with Tom Berenger, 1993)

Ghost (with Demi Moore, Patrick Swayze and Whoopi Goldberg, 1990)

**GI Jane (with Demi Moore, 1997)

Glory (about the Civil War with Matthew Broderick, 1989)

God is My Co-Pilot (about WW II with Dennis Morgan, 1945)

Gods and Generals (about the Civil War with Jeff Daniels, 2003)

Gone With The Wind (about the Civil War with Clark Gable and Vivien Leigh, 1939)

Good Morning Vietnam (about Vietnam with Robin Williams, 1987)

Green Dragon (about Vietnam with Patrick Swayze, 2002)

Guadalcanal Diary (about WW II with Preston Foster, 1943)


Halls of Montezuma (about WW II with Richard Widmark, 1950)

Hamburger Hill (about Vietnam with Anthony Barille, 1987)

Hartís War (about WW II prison camp with Bruce Willis, 2002)

Heartbreak Ridge (about Grenada with Clint Eastwood, 1986)

Heaven Knows Mr. Allison (about WW II with Robert Mitchum and Deborah Kerr, 1957) 

Hell in the Pacific (about WW II with Lee Marvin, 1968)

Hell is for Heroes (about WW II with Steve McQueen, 1962)

Heroes (about Vietnam with Henry Winkler, 1977)

Home of the Brave (about Iraq with Samuel L Jackson, 2006)

Hook (with Robin Williams and Dustin Hoffman, 1991)


I was a Male War Bride (with Cary Grant, 1949)

Ice Station Zebra (with Rock Hudson, 1968)

In Country (about Vietnam with Bruce Willis, 1989)

In Harmís Way (about WW II with John Wayne, 1965)

In The Shadow Of The Blade

Itís a Wonderful Life (with Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed, 1947)


JFK (with Kevin Costner, 1991)

Judgment at Nuremberg (about WW II with Spencer Tracy, 1961)


K-19 The Widowmaker (with Harrison Ford, 2002)

Kellyís Heroes (about WW II with Clint Eastwood, 1970)


Ladder 49 (John Travolta and Joaquin Phoenix)

Lady and the Tramp (Disney cartoon, 1955)


**Martha Raye: In Love and War, A&E Biography, 1999

Memphis Belle (about WW II with Matthew Modine, 1990)

Men in Black (with Tommy Lee Jones and Will Smith, 1997)

Men of Honor (with Robert DeNiro and Cuba Gooding Jr, 2000)  

Midway (about WW II with Charlton Heston and Henry Fonda, 1976)

Miss Congeniality (with Sandra Bullock, 2000)

Mister Roberts (about WW II with Henry Fonda, 1955)

Moby Dick (with Gregory Peck, 1956)

Mrs Doubtfire (with Robin Williams and Sally Field, 1993)

Murder by Numbers (with Sandra Bullock, 2002)

My Best Friendís Wedding (with Julia Roberts, 1997)


Navy Seals (with Charlie Sheen, 1990)

Never Wave at a WAC (with Rosalind Russell, 1952)


Objective Burma (about WW II with Errol Flynn, 1945)

Operation Dumbo Drop (about Vietnam with Danny Glover and Ray Liotta, 1995)

Operation Petticoat (about WW II with Cary Grant, 1959)


Parachute Battalion (about WW II with Robert Preston, 1941)

**Paradise Road (about WW II with Glenn Close, 1997)

Paths of Glory (about WW I with Kirk Douglas, 1957)

Patton (about WW II with George C Scott, 1970)

Pearl Harbor (about WW II with Ben Affleck and Josh Harnett, 2001)  

Peter Pan (with Mary Martin, 1960)

Phar Lap (with Tom Burlinson, 1984)

Platoon (about Vietnam with Tom Berenger and Charlie Sheen, 1986)

Pork Chop Hill (about Korea with Gregory Peck, 1959)

Pretty Woman (with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, 1990)

Purple Hearts (about Vietnam with Cheryl Ladd and Ken Wahl, 1984)



Red Dawn (with Patrick Swayze, 1984)

Rescue Dawn (2007)

Rules of Engagement (with Tommy Lee Jones and Samuel L Jackson, 2000)

Run Silent, Run Deep (about WW II with Clark Gable and Burt Lancaster, 1958) 

Runaway Bride (with Julia Roberts and Richard Gere, 1999)


Sands of Iwo Jima (about WW II with John Wayne, 1950)

Saving Private Ryan (about WW II with Tom Hanks, 1998)

Seabiscuit (with Jeff Bridges, 2003)

Sergeant York (about WW I with Gary Cooper, 1941)

**Serving in Silence (with Glenn Close, 1995)

Sink the Bismarck (about WW II with Kenneth More and Dana Wynter, 1960)

Sleepless in Seattle (with Meg Ryan and Tom Hanks, 1993)

Sniper (with Tom Berenger, 1993)

Sniper 2 (with Tom Berenger, 2002)

Somewhere in Time (with Christopher Reeve and Jane Seymour, 1980)

Spy Game (with Brad Pitt and Robert Redford, 2001)

Stripes (with Bill Murray, 1981)

Sybil (with Sally Field, 1976)


Tank Battalion (about WW II with Edward G Robinson, 1958)

Taps (with George C Scott and Timothy Hutton, 1981)

Tears of the Sun (with Bruce Willis, 2003)

The African Queen (with Katherine Hepburn and Humphrey Bogart, 1952)

The Alamo (with John Wayne, 1960)

The American President (with Michael Douglas and Annette Bening, 1995)

The Beast (with George Dzundza and Jason Patric, 1988)

The Best Years of Our Lives (about WW II with Harold Russell, 1946)

The Big Red One (about WW II with Lee Marvin, 1980)

The Birdcage (with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, 1996) 

The Blue Max (about WW I with George Peppard, 1966)

The Boys in Company C (about Vietnam with Andrew Stevens, 1978)

The Bridge at Remagen (about WW II with George Segal, 1969)

The Bridge on the River Kwai (about WW II with Alec Guinness and William Holden, 1957)

The Bridges at Toko-Ri (about Korea with William Holden and Mickey Rooney, 1954)

The Civil War 

The Color Purple (with Whoopi Goldberg, Danny Glover and Oprah Winfrey, 1985)

The Deer Hunter (about Vietnam with Robert DeNIro, 1978)

The Desert Fox (about WW II with James Mason, 1951)

The Desert Rats (about WW II with Richard Burton, 1953)

The Dirty Dozen (about WW II with Lee Marvin, 1967)

The Eagle Has Landed (about WW II with Michael Caine, 1976)

The Enemy Below (about WW II with Robert Mitchum, 1957)

The Fighting Seabees (about WW II with John Wayne, 1944)

The Final Countdown (about WW II with Kirk Douglas, 1980)

The First Wives Club (with Bette Midler, Diane Keaton and Goldie Hawn, 1996)

The Generalís Daughter (with John Travolta, 1999)

The Great Escape (about WW II with Steve McQueen, 1963)

The Great Raid (about WW II, 2005)

The Green Berets (about Vietnam with John Wayne, 1968)

The Guns of Navarone (about WW II with Gregory Peck, 1961)

The Horse Soldiers (about the Civil War with John Wayne, 1959)

The Last Castle (with Robert Redford, 2001)

The Lion King (Disney cartoon, 1994)

The Long Walk Home (with Sissy Spacek and Whoopi Goldberg, 1991)

The Longest Day (about WW II with Richard Burton, 1962)

The Lost Battalion (about WW I with Rick Schroder, 2001)

The Net (with Sandra Bullock, 1995)

The Patriot (about the American Revolution with Mel Gibson, 2000)

The Pentagon Papers (about Vietnam with James Spader, 2003)

The Perfect Storm (with George Clooney, 2000)

The Princess Diaries (with Julie Andrews, 2001)

The Quiet American (about Vietnam with Michael Caine, 2003)

The Red Badge of Courage (about the Civil War with Audie Murphy, 1951) 

The Red Skelton Show (with Red and many others including Martha Raye, 1999)

The Right Stuff (with Sam Shepard and Ed Harris, 1983)

The Rocky Horror Picture Show (with Tim Curry, Susan Sarandon and Barry Bostwick, 1975) 

The Sand Pebbles (with Steve McQueen, 1966)

The Siege of Firebase Gloria (about Vietnam with Wings Hauser and R Lee Ermey, 1989)

The Sound of Music (with Julie Andrews and Christopher Plummer, 1965)

The Steel Helmet (about Korea with Gene Evans, 1951)

The Story of GI Joe (about WW II with Robert Mitchum, 1945)

The Thin Red Line (about WW II with Keir Dullea and Jack Warden, 1964)

The Thin Red Line (remake about WW II with Sean Penn, 1999)  

The Three Faces of Eve (with Joann Woodward, 1957)

The Tuskegee Airmen (about WW II with Laurence Fishburne and Cuba Gooding Jr, 1995)

The War (with Kevin Costner and Elijah Wood, 1994)

The War At Home (with Martin Sheen, Emelio Estevez and Kathy Bates, 1996)

The Wizard of Oz (with Judy Garland, 1939)

The Young Lions (about WW II with Marlon Brando, 1958)

They were Expendable (about WW II with Robert Montgomery and John Wayne, 1945)

Three Kings (about the Gulf War with George Clooney, 1999)

**Three Came Home (about WW II with Claudette Colbert, 1950)

Tigerland (with Colin Farrell, 2000)

Titanic (with Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet, 1997)

To Heal a Nation (about The Vietnam Veterans Memorial with Eric Roberts, 1993)

To Hell and Back (about WW II with Audie Murphy, 1955)

To Kill a Mockingbird (with Gregory Peck, 1962)

To The Shores of Tripoli (about WW II with John Payne and Maureen O'Hara, 1942)

Tootsie (with Dustin Hoffman, 1982)

Top Gun (with Tom Cruise and Anthony Edwards, 1986)

Tora Tora Tora (about WW II with Martin Balsam, 1970)

Torpedo Run (about WW II with Glenn Ford, 1958)

Tour of Duty (First, Second and Third Seasons--TV program about Vietnam)

Treasure Island (with Bobby Driscoll, 1950)

Twelve OíClock High (about WW II with Gregory Peck, 1949)


U-571 (about WW II with Matthew McConaughey, 2000)

Uncommon Valor (about Vietnam with Gene Hackman, 1983)

Under Heavy Fire (about Vietnam, 2001)

Under Fire (about Nicaragua with Nick Nolte, 1983)


Victor/Victoria (with Julie Andrews and Robert Preston, 1982)

**Vietnam: A Soldier's Story--Women at War--a documentary (taped in Melbourne, FL)

Von Ryanís Express (about WW II with Frank Sinatra, 1965)


Wake Island (about WW II with Brian Donlevy, 1942)

War Dogs--a documentary (about Vietnam with John Burnam)

We Were Heroes: 1st Cavalry Division Airmobile (about Vietnam, 2002)

We Were Soldiers (about Vietnam with Mel Gibson, 2002)  

Whale Rider (with Keisha Castle-Hughes, 2003)

When Hell was in Session (about Vietnam with Hal Holbrook, 1979))

Where Eagles Dare (about WW II with Richard Burton, 1969)

White Christmas (with Bing Crosby and Rosemary Clooney, 1954)

Windtalkers (about WW II with Nicolas Cage, 2002)

**Women of Valor (about WW II with Susan Sarandon and Kristy McNichol, 1986)




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