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You should be listening to "Paint It Black" the lead-in song of this fantastic television program.

WOW! Season 3 of "Tour of Duty" became available on 5 July 2005. In June 2004 Season 1 came out on DVD and Season 2 came out in December 2004! I received an email from David Bonner stating the whole series was available with the soundtrack complete through It would mean buying a region free dvd player.

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On this page you'll find some photos of my encounter with the members of the television cast of "Tour of Duty."

I have been lucky to meet some great people. Among them are the cast and producers of television's "Tour of Duty." I'm so glad that this program is now coming out on DVD--the first season is due to be released on 8 June 2004! Click on the pictures below to view the larger photo.

This picture, taken by Gail Bushnell in 1989, shows our Tri-County Council Vietnam Era Veterans (TCCVEV) color guard waiting for the cast members to arrive in Troy, NY (my original hometown) and the groundbreaking for the Rensselaer County Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Click on the photo to get a better look at from left to right--Belle Pellegrino, Noonie Fortin, Richard Bushnell (with the American Flag), sorry but I can't recall who was holding the TCCVEV or POW-MIA flags, Jerry Salsburg, and Ron Brand. Photo by Gail Bushnell.

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Below is a photo of some of us that was taken after the groundbreaking of the some of the cast members. Standing left to right as you look at the photo are the following people and the cast members character's names are in parenthesis: John Dye (Francis "Doc Hock" Hockenberry)--who now portrays Andrew on "Touched by an Angel", Noonie Fortin, Tony Becker (CPL Danny Purcell), Belle Pellegrino, Miguel Nunez Jr. (SP4 Marcus Taylor) is directly behind Belle, Dan Gauthier (LT Johnny McKay--he was a chopper pilot), Ramon Franco (SP4 Alberto Ruiz), and Richard Bushnell. Photo by Gail Bushnell. Click on the photo to see it better.

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Gail took the next picture also. That's me standing behind John Dye's right shoulder. The guys in the picture are from left to right: Ramon Franco, John Dye, Tony Becker, Dan Gauthier, Miguel Nunez Jr., and Stan Foster (CPL Marvin Johnson). Photo by Gail Bushnell. Click the picture.

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That evening we all went to a reception in Albany. Look at the beautiful cake that was made for the cast. Photo by Noonie Fortin.

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There was another special guest in town for this occasion. In the next picture standing between my friends Richard and Gail Bushnell is Vietnam Veteran--former POW--Ted Gostas. Photo by Noonie Fortin.

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Tony Becker soon found himself talking to a couple of our Gold Star Mothers. With her back to us is Elizabeth Hallock and on the right is Shirley Jones. Both ladies fell in love with him and his blue eyes! Photo by Noonie Fortin.

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The next day there was a going away brunch in Troy for the cast and Ted. They hated to leave us and we didn't want them to go either. They continued to let everyone take their pictures. From left to right in this picture are: Tony Becker, Ramon Franco, Miguel Nunez Jr., Ted Gostas, Dan Gauthier, and John Dye. Photo by Noonie Fortin.

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Unfortunately, some of the cast members didn't make it to this event. BUT they sent autographed pictures for everyone. If you don't know the cast members yet, standing left to right are Miguel Nunez Jr., Stan Foster, Dan Gauthier, Kim Delaney (Alex Devlin), Tony Becker, and Ramon Franco. Kneeling in front are Terrence Knox (SSG Zeke Anderson) and Stephen Caffrey (LT Myron Goldman).

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On 12 Jan 07 I received the following email that you might be interested in--

Hi, great site,  please advise all TOD fans that a mini Tour of Duty Convention will take place at the Hollywood Collector and Celebrity Event at the Burbank Marriot, 2500 Hollywood Way, Burbank, CA
(across from the Burbank Airport) Friday, Feb. 16 and 17. 
There will be a 12 foot table for as many of the cast of Tour that we can get.  Terence Knox and Tony Becker have committed and we plan to bring Stan Foster, Miguel Nunez and Ramon Franco as well.
If you have any questions, let me know.

Some of the people I know are writers of what is called "fan fiction" and a couple of those folks made a wonderful website. So I hope you will visit Tour of Duty Journals.

Hill2001 The Tour of Duty Fan Club had a gathering in Washington, DC 12-14 October 2001. They were planning another one to be held in Los Angeles, CA in 2002 but I haven't been able to find out if it happened or not. Does anyone out there know?

Meanwhile you can visit other websites that honor the program and people we came to know and like. Go to: 

There had been a page dedicated to Tony Becker who portrayed Danny Purcell in "Tour of Duty" and it had many great pictures of him but unfortunately its not functioning now.

Tour Of Duty Fan Page What a great site for those of us who liked this program. (The last time I checked--this site wasn't working.)

Tour of Duty II Fan Page This site is also for fans of this wonderful show and will take you to visit other sections honoring Steve Caffrey, Miguel Nunez Jr. and others.

TOUR OF DUTY PAGES--HUM 90 is a nice tribute page.

There used to be two websites dedicated to John Dye but neither seem to be functioning these days. So sad to hear that John passed away on Monday 10 January 2011 (John Dye of 'Touched By An Angel' Dead at 47)!

John Dye and I received the same award. Please go to my Awards page to see what that was.

There used to be a page set up for Steven Akahosi who portrayed Randy "Doc" Matsuta but it is no longer running..

Miguel Nunez Miguel's site is very interesting.

Stephen Caffrey's personal site is no longer working but I was excited when he later starred on the "Diagnosis Murder" series with Dick Van Dyke. Recently a young woman notified me of several sites about Steve--so check out these:  Stephen Caffrey as Lt. Myron Goldman, TOUR OF DUTY PAGES--HUM 90, STEPHEN CAFFREY.

Terence Knox This page will show you some photos of Terence Knox and set you on a path to learn more about him.

And there are other websites out there about the rest of the cast too. So go crazy and visit them all. You can find info about Eric Bruskotter and other cast members.

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