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US ArmyThe US Army was established 14 June 1775. My favorite Army links are:


OK--all your Army Folks--stand up and sing our song as you listen to the US Army Theme.

2nd Infantry Division (2ID), Korean War Veterans Alliance I spoke to this group in April 1999.

2nd 92nd FA An interesting site!

3/4 Cav What an interesting site this is!

3rd Field Hospital 1965-1966 A great set of photos!

7th Armored Division Association This is an unofficial website but provides some good information.

9th Inf Div Society This site really shows you more about the history of the 9th Inf!

24th EVAC Visit this site to learn more about the 24th EVAC in Vietnam.

35th Infantry Regiment (Cacti) Association An excellent site!

70th Aviation Detachment This is a new site and under construction but it should be very interesting as it progresses!

71st Transportation Battalion In Vietnam 1966 - 1972 This site will send you in back to those days.

82nd Airborne Museum Go see what this museum offers.

91st Evacuation Hospital A place to find Unit Pages.

173rd Airborne This site provides a lot of information for all to see.

225th AAA Searchlight Battalion From Omaha Beach to V-E Day!

368th Transportation Company Unit History This unit has a long history of serving our country but this particular website is about their service in Vietnam.

454th Transportation Company This unit is serving in Iraq!

506th Infantry This site includes the Currahees Killed in Action including my childhood friend Pete Guenette who received the Medal of Honor posthumously!

892nd Transportation Company This is the Family Support Website for the 892nd!

A Doc's Place Learn a bit about one of our many medics.

Alpha Association See all that this 4th Inf Div site has to offer!

AMEDD Gift Shop Check out the items available at this Fort Sam Houston, San Antonio, TX shop.

Americal Division Veterans Association If you were part of the Americal then you need to visit this site. They also have a page where they list ADVA Army Awards.

AR 611-1 Military Occupational Classification Structure Development and Implementation Current Army MOS regulation.

AR 840-10, Heraldic Activities – Flags, Guidons, Streamers, Tabards, and Automobile and Aircraft Plates This Army regulation has photos and descriptions of flags.

Army Awards You can go here to build a picture of your awards.

Army Behavioral Health Website The source for Army Mental Health Information.

Army Combat-Related Special Compensation (CRSC) Go here to learn how you might be able to file for this.

Army Libraries Here you can see pictures of many of the Army's libraries around the country.

Army Medical Department Visit this site from Fort Sam Houston.

Army Mom's Safe Haven My friend Christina runs this site!

Army Military Occupation Specialties This is the current list of enlisted Army MOSs!

Army MOSs, Vietnam War Years Many MOSs have changed over the years but here is a list of what they were during the Vietnam War.

Army Review Boards Agency Do you have a problem with your Army records? Did they screw up your dates of service, places of service, promotion dates, awards, etc? Well this is the website that can help you get those things and many others fixed!

Army Times A weekly paper.

Army--Together We Served A place to hopefully find your Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard  friends.

Association of the United States Army A good organization to join if you served in the Army.

B17 War Horse Learn about this airplane and crew.

Black Hawk Down You have to log-in to this site--which is free--but it contains a wealth of information!

Britt Small The most patriotic man I've ever had the pleasure to spend time with. Britt served with the 173rd Airborne in Vietnam. He is now touring the country by himself entertaining with his patriotic music.

Bruce "Snake" Crandall Meet the man who finally received his Medal of Honor in2007 for his actions in 1965!

Bucha, Paul A Medal of Honor recipient from my original home state.

Bullwhip Squadron Association 1st Squadron, 9th Cavalry group!

Camp Gordon Johnston Association This group was very active during World War II and meets now annually in Florida.

Chairborne Ranger Visit Dennis Mansker's website to see his photos, documents and memorabilia of his tour of duty in Vietnam with the 6th Transportation Battalion, 48th Trans Group, 68-69.

Chinese Bandits Don't let the name fool you as it's really about the Recon LRRP Team D Company 1st Bn (ABN) 8th Cav!

Company B 1/7 Cav Photo Album Some amazing photos are here!

Cyber Sarge’s This site has a lot of information to share with you.

Dan Dane's Web Page Dan served with the 1st Cav and wrote a book about his experiences.

Dau Tieng Base Camp This site includes photos of Maggie on CPT Ed Smith's page!

Davis, Sammy L. It has been my pleasure to meet this man several times. He received his Medal of Honor for saving the life of his comrades in Vietnam.

Delta Co, 2nd Bn, 8th Cav (Abn), 1st Cav (Airmobile) This site shares a lot of info.

Dignified Transfer This is a series of photos of a soldier being brought home to rest!

Doc Melson Learn more about Doc and what he does.

Doc's War Military & War Veterans Site Stop in to see what Doc has on his amazing website:

Don't Ask, Don't Tell The official US Army site about transitioning over to allow GLBTs serve openly.

Donlon, Roger Another New Yorker who received the Medal of Honor.

Drew's World of Choppers  A rotorhead's haven!

DUSTOFF Association Home Page This medevac group is special.

Ed's Vietnam Journal My friend Ed has journaled his time in Vietnam!

Expendable Elite — One Soldier's Journey Into Covert Warfare Here's an insight into a new book about one Special Forces A-Team.

Freedom Team Salute See how our troops are honored!

GOLF TUCSON GOLF Don't let the title fool you--there is a page within this site dedicated to the Special Forces men who died in Vietnam.

Guenette, Peter M. My childhood friend who received the Medal of Honor posthumously after throwing himself on a grenade to save his squad. Another site that shares a little info about Pete is Find A Grave: Peter Mathew Guenette (1948 - 1968). Be sure to visit my THREE HEROES page to read more about Pete!

Honor at Last for Roy P A video honoring my friend MSG Roy P Benavidez!

How To Fieldstrip A Jeep A great video!

I Served Learn more about one of the Infantry Division's Long Range Patrol units. This site provides plenty of information as well as an order form for ordering Don Hall's book and/or documentary.

Jim Pollack's Army Art He has some amazing art pieces he did during his tour in Vietnam.

Joe's Place  My friend who has the Transportation Association web site but this one is all about him.

LZ X-Ray This website is one of the best sites for information regarding the IaDrang Campaign of the 1st Cavalry Division.

Medal of Honor - Major Bruce P. Crandall Learn why Bruce deserved this medal!

Medical Facilities at Chu Lai, Vietnam Another site about the 91st Evac in 1971.

Military Army Schools and Center4 This site provides information about the various schools as well as their insignia.

Military Mental Health If you have the slightest thought that you may have some mental health issues please go to this site and take their free test. You don't have to give your name or any info about yourself and it provides you with possible answers and tells you where to turn for help if you need it.

MSG Bobby Lee Steward Bobby served with the Special Forces.

Museums This site shows the museums at Ft Bragg, NC.

My Vietnam Experience May 1968-May 1969 This man served with the 101st Airborne.

Our Togetherness! A woman honors her Veteran husband.

Phil Ferrazano This guy has a great patriotic music CD.

Proud Americans This is the site of the 2nd Bn of the 32nd Field Artillery that served in Vietnam. My grandfather served in the 32nd FA during WW I.

Retired Reservist This retired soldier speaks from his heart and mind!

Rice Paddy Stew & Saigon Tea This is Kerry "Doc" Pardue's site which has a lot of stuff on it!

Roy Benavidez received his Medal of Honor on 24 February 1981 for actions in Cambodia 2 May 1968. Roy and I corresponded about Maggie and he presented the Presidential of Freedom to her from President Clinton.

RoyB.jpg (48709 bytes)                                          RoyGrave.jpg (55418 bytes)

The Navy named a ship in Roy's honor. The USNS Benavidez was christened in New Orleans on 21 July 2001 and I was invited by the family to be in attendance. Some of my pictures of the ship are shown below.

Roy_0026.jpg (49112 bytes)    Roy_0028.jpg (45167 bytes)    Roy_0029.jpg (49775 bytes)

USNSBenavidez.jpg (113601 bytes)During the Spring of 2003 the USNS Benavidez made its maiden voyage from the dry-dock site down the Mississippi. This is one of the pictures of that day.


Roy P Benavidez Foundation This new foundation has been set up by Roy's family to aid in education and pass on Roy's legacy.

Screaming Eagle A site for the 101st Airborne.

SFA Chapter XXVII-Martha Raye Chapter-St. Louis This one is named for Maggie.

SF Search Engine Special Forces has done a great job of setting up this search engine!

Sixth Armored Division (Super Sixth) Unofficial Home Page A World War II unit but be prepared as this website originates out of central Florida and with all the hurricanes in 2004 the server is not always functioning properly.

SKYLIGHTERS The Official Web Site of the 225th AAA Searchlight Battalion.

Society of the First Infantry Division Visit and learn about the Big Red One!

Spearhead--3rd Armor This is a site for members of the 3rd Armored to gather.

Special Forces Association Home Page The Fayetteville, NC headquarters.

St. Louis Green Berets This is the Martha Raye Chapter!

Surviving Army Basic Training Self-Explanatory.

Tango Mike Mike Learn a bit about my friend the late Medal of Honor recipient MSG Roy P Benavidez.

The Association of US Army Transporters in Thailand This group made up of the 519th Trans made me an honorary member.

The First Cav Div Association's Home Page I'm an associate member of this group.

The Missouri National Guard A good place to learn about this state's brave men and women.

The National Guard Educational Foundation A lot of information is on this site including the Guard's museum!

Tom Hunter's U.S. Special Operations Home Page A very good site.

U.S. Army Infantry Homepage Info about Ft Benning can be found here.

US Army Quartermaster Museum As a member of the Quartermaster Corps I really like this site.

US Army Southern European Task Force (ABN) From here you can learn a lot about this command.

US Army Special Operations Command Self-explanatory!

US Army Transportation Association Vietnam: Gun Trucks, Convoys, Lighters, Tugboat A wonderful site about transporters.

US Army Transportation Center Learn about the Transportation Corps.

US Central Command Home Page This page offers a lot of info regarding this command.

Veterans of Special Forces Self-explanatory.

Vietnam War-era MOS Codes This site also has the Army MOS codes from the Vietnam era!

Welcome to the U.S. Army Homepage This takes you to many wonderful places.

Welcome to Military Police Of The Vietnam War This is a wonderful site honoring the MPs.

Welcome To The Camp Holloway Dispensary Take a look!

Wings of the Eagle This site is put on by the A/101 Airborne Aviation group.

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