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Women in the Military  

My Favorite Links to pages about Women Veterans are:

One of my favorite singers is Kenny Rogers and while the music you are hearing isn't his voice he did make the song "Lady" famous so I decided to play it here to honor these women.

1940 Air Terminal Museum This museum is at the William P. Hobby Airport, Houston, TX honoring the WASPs!

A Brief History of Women in WW II A good site!

A Touch of Home A documentary about the Red Cross women in Vietnam came out in November 2008! A DVD is now available for home or school use!

A Tribute to Sea Service Women  A wonderful new site dedicated to the women who serve on the seas.

About Eli Painted Crow She has an interesting story to hear.

About Women Who Served A great site by a woman who cares about those who served.

AcademyWomen This group supports women, alumni, cadets, midshipmen, candidates and affiliates from the nation’s premier military academies and officer development programs. They also have a nice memorial site!

All Navy Women's National Alliance A wonderful site for those interested in learning about the women who served in the Navy.

Amendment 5 WACs A site anyone can go to who was involved with being discharged for being pregnant and other reasons.

American Gold Star Mothers This is an organization you don't want to join unless it is a necessity due to losing your son or daughter while they are on active duty.

American Association of University Women Another site to learn about women however I think they need to be educated about our women Veterans!

American Women in Uniform, Veterans Too! A well done site with lots of links plus history!

American Women Prisoners of War CPT Barb has once again created a wonderful compilation of information for all to see.

An assault is a physical, verbal, or sexual attack against another person! An excellent article!!!

ANC Tour of Vietnam This site has photos donated by one of the Army nurses I came to know over the past few years. Sadly Mary "Chris" Banigan passed away on 17 March 2004.

Anne Marie Doering Collection This site has a lot of info about this women's military history.

Army Mom's Home Page My friend Christina shares some wonderful poems and information here.

Army Nurses A good research site!

AssistHers This is a volunteer organization formed in 1996 to provide non-medical in-home support and care to lesbians with illnesses such as cancer, fibromyalgia, HIV/AIDS and multiple sclerosis. Volunteers work together to provide transportation and care to help clients remain in their own homes.

Association of the United States Army Historically Speaking--a piece about our women Vets!

Australian Nurses in Vietnam A site honoring nurses from Australia.

Barbara Manchester Robinson WASP, Class 44-1.

Betty Tisdale's HALO This woman has done a lot to help orphans of war torn countries.

Biggs Fly Girls A KFOX video!

Blue Star Mothers Of America Inc Visit this site to learn about these women, whose sons or daughters have served or are serving presently, also how to get "Blue Star Service Flags."

Blue Star Mothers of America--Capital Region 2 A local NY chapter.

Books About Vietnam--Women, Nurses, Donut Dollies, WACs, and more  Learn more about our American women who went in-country.

Born To War This is a site of paintings of the US women who have died during the War on Terror!

Branson Women Veterans This site mentions the hotel many of the women will be using in May 2008.

Breast Cancer Guide A nice way to find out more about this serious topic.

Breathing the Fire This is CBS's reporter Kimberly Dozier's website about her book in  which she wrote of her experience in Iraq, her injuries and her healing process.

Brenda Berkman | Art Homepage Brenda is a retired FDNY member but she is a talented artist as well!

Brenda Berkman: Makers A great story about Brenda!

Buried a Hero This piece by Pat Gregory appeared in Veterans Today.

Captain Barb Captain Barbara Wilson, USAF (Retired) is better known as Captain Critical. She has a great page and offers many links to other areas of concern and interest to women Veterans.

Captain Vernice Armour CPT Armour has become an Author and Speaker!

Carolyn Crask One of our Gold Star Mothers from the Gulf War.

Cathy Oatman Visit this new site to see why Cathy served in-country for 3 years as an enlisted woman with the Women's Army Corps and she wasn't in the medical field either!

Celeste Graves Education Center Wait till you see what this Veteran has done!

Center for Women Veterans A good site for help.

Chief Cook's Page A woman after my own heart. She enlisted after her children were in high school.

Chris Noel A tribute to one of the women who spent time in Vietnam with the troops and on Armed Forces Radio. A former model, actress, and singer Chris now runs a shelter for Vets in West Palm Beach.

Click to Give @ The Breast Cancer Site Help women get free mammograms by going to this site!

Coast Guard Women with Wings WOW!

COLONEL MAGGIE This site shows you more about this amazing women who devoted herself to our troops.

Col Martha "Maggie" Raye Doc Dentice made this site to honor our Col Maggie.

Coming Home A Retreat for Female Service Members and Veterans - October 2009 - let's hope more of these are held!

Connie Stevens Connie also went to Vietnam and the Gulf War.

Daughters of the American Revolution An organization women can join if they can prove they were related to someone who served during this war.

DenverPost.com - Betrayal in Ranks Have you wondered about what has happened to the women who cry rape! Wait till you visit this site and read all about them.

Donut Dollies Doc Dentice has a wonderful site full of info and photos of the Red Cross ladies in Vietnam.

Donut Dollies--FAQ Sharon Cummings answered some questions for her daughter and she mentions the documentary she was involved with.

Dorothea Schloesser Another WAVE!

Eileen Barry This woman is a brilliant artist--she has done several women's memorials!

Emily Donut Dollie This is one of the women I have come to know who was a Donut Dollie!

Etchings Forever This company is owned and operated by two women Vets so let's support them!

Evelyn Slayman A WAVE

Experiencing War (Women at War) Stories from the Veterans History Project of the Library of Congress from women who served WW II through present day.

Female Faces of War A new exhibit in Battleship Cove, MA.

Female Troops in Iraq Redefine Combat Rules An ecellent article about our women serving bravely!

Female WWII Pilots: The Original Fly Girls An NPR program worth listening to!

Females This is a site which also shows all the women who have died during the OEF/OIF wars.

Fields of Fire Vietnam Vet Carol Ogg wrote this interesting book.

First Lady Michelle Obama Remarks on Women in Military A very good video done at the WIMSA Memorial.

Fort McClellan--Army Base, Anniston, AL Photos of the old areas and buildings used by women who served there.

Fort McClellan--Bill would track health issues of McClellan vets So many women who were there as well as men have health issues related to Agent Orange and other toxins that were tested at the base and in the surrounding areas.

Frances M. Liberty: Experiencing War: Veterans History Project (Library of Congress) This page allows you to see and her my friend COL Lib talk about her experiences through three wars!

Frances Liberty Collection: Veterans History Project Take teh time to go through all of her information and learn from her.

Gold Star Wives of America Inc A group of widows of our troops lost during wartime.

Good Work Sister! Women Shipyard Workers of World War II an Oral History This site offers an insight into what some women did and they have a DVD available for purchase.

Grace After Fire When women hurt... women help!

H-Minerva Discussion Network Here's a chance to learn about women in military history.

Hawaii Reporter This reporter covers stories of women from Hawaii and what they did during wartime.

Helen Lucille (Sturm) Kemper Another WAVE's bio.

History Of The Army Nurse Corps Slide Show

Hobby Airport Celebrates 80th Anniversary Visit this site to see what our WASPs saw so many years ago!

I AM 2 Wait till you see this page and read the poem that Christina "ARMY MOM" Sharik wrote for me when I told her I was speaking at a POW-MIA Memorial Service.

I MEF Headquarters Group Some amazing women are in this group!

IAVA Celebrates Women's History Month Self explanatory.

If You Went Through Ft. McClellan, AL Susan Katz Keating is looking into these women's health issues.

In-Country Women A great site for female Veterans.

In Their Boots A well done video.

International Vietnam Nurses Association A new site where you can register if you were a male or female nurse, military or civilian,  in Vietnam, Japan or the Philippines.

Iraq Vet to Lead Ill. Vets' Affairs Disabled Army Major Tammy Duckworth has a new job!

Jessica Lynch - American Hero and First POW/MIA Rescued from Iraqi Freedom Have you wondered what has become of Jessica? Now you can see this website and learn what she is doing.

Karen Chambliss, Women's Army Corps A WAC who has done a lot.

Please visit Karen Offutt U.S. Army - Walk With Me to read a little about her--an Army woman who served in Vietnam. She also earned special recognition in April 2001 when she received the Soldier's Medal for her heroic actions in Vietnam in 1970.

Labor Arts--Women Firefighters in NY This is a wonderful site honoring the women who served with the FDNY from 1982 to 2012.

Ladies of Liberty An interesting site that is doing research.

Lady Leatherneck's Home Page Women Marines unite.

Lake Superior Waves Unit #141 Female sailors group.

LaVena Johnson-The Silent Truth Midtown Films has made a well done documentary about her death.

Lenora's Hangout Check out what this retired WAC does!

Lioness A Room 11 Productions Film Directed by Meg McLagan and Daria Sommer about our women who served in Iraq! It aired nationwide on PBS on 13 November 2008 and is now available on DVD!

Magical Godmother An interesting site that is also starting a new publishing site.

March 2003 AMERICAN SOLDIER This is an awesome site!

Marin Services for Women Women's Alcohol & Drug Rehab Recovery Program.

Marine Corps League Women's Uniforms A site to find some uniforms.

Mary (Owen) McArtor A WAC's bio.

Massachusetts Conference for Women Veterans A June 2009 event!

Meet the Committee Branson Women Veterans committee!

Melbourne Reunion 2000 Here you will find pictures of some of the women who spoke in Melbourne, FL.

Military Glass Art Robin started doing Navy pieces to honor her service but is also doing other services now!

Military Is Keeping Secrets About Female Soldiers' 'Suicides' in warzones of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Military Sexual Violence: Command Rape Watch this video!

Military Wives and Moms Everyone should visit this site.

Military Woman Home Page  Here is an extraordinary site of interest to women Veterans. 

Military Women In Books Captain Barb has a wonderful listing of books to read about our military women on this page.

Military Women On Line Captain Barb has another great page.

Military Women Who Died While Serving A very nice memorial page.

Military Women's Resource Guide This is a good resource listing.

Milwaukee Women's Post 448 An all-women's post!

More Women in Vietnam Doc has a nice site dedicated to the nurses and others who served in Vietnam.

My American Heroes ~ Our Heroines ~ So Proudly She Hailed Our American women are remembered on this site!

My Child - Mothers of War A new documentary worth seeing!

NARA - Research - Nurse Casualties in Korean Conflict A spot to find out about the women who died.

National Association of Black Military Women Go to this website to sign up for their organization and reunion.

National Coalition for Homeless Veterans A special section just for women.

National Defense Research Institute RAND's Assessing the Assignment Policy for Army Women.

National First Ladies' Library This is a good source for info about these women.

National Society of Military Widows Another group of widows who support each other following loss of their loved ones.

National Women's History Museum A place to learn!

National Women's History Project A wonderful site to learn about our women's history.

Don't forget to celebrate Women's History Month during the month of March--also Women's Equality Day is 26 August

National Women's Law Center A good place to check for help.

National Women's Studies Association  The women in this group need to learn about our women who served.

Native Women Veterans Check out this informative site.

Native American Women Veterans This is an interesting page.

Navy Nurse Corps Association Learn a little more about this group.

No Women in Combat My ASS!!! Check out this site.

Nurses in War A list of Pioneer Nurses of West Virginia!

Nurses of WW II These women died while serving their countries as nurses during WW II.

Nursing Old Wounds A woman who served as a nurse in WW II.

On this Memorial Day let take a moment to honor our fallen servicewomen!

Once A WAVE This site has many features as well as photos of former WAVES!

Operation Babylift Another site that shares info about this amazing program.

Operation Baby Lift--Vietnam Adoption This site has stories and photos about the April 1975 airlift of orphans and refugees out of Vietnam.

Oveta Culp Hobby and the Women's Army Corps Exhibit On display at the Fondren Library.

Pearl Harbor Child The woman who set up this site is a survivor of Pearl Harbor. She has written a couple of books about her experiences and speaks to groups.

Petition for Suzanne Swift If you believe this soldier should be discharged instead of imprisoned for being AWOL following Multiple Sexual Trauma while serving in Iraq while her perpetrators are free and not charged--please sign this petition!

Photo Tours by Women Who Served in Vietnam Wait till you the pictures you can find on this site!

Project Odessey A program helping service women cope with PTSD--this news video was taken while some of these women were in NYS as part of the Wounded Warrior Project.

Quixote In Ramadi A well done blog!

RAANC The Australians involvement in Vietnam: Royal Australian Army Nurse Corps.

Rape Recovery Center An important site!

Rosie the Riveter: Morris County Women During World War II This site offers a great deal of info about the women who worked stateside helping our overseas troops. It includes transcripts and video of women who currently live in NJ!

Salon Mothers Who Think--Unarmed and Under Fire: An oral history of female Vietnam Veterans This is a great article that everyone should read.

Salute to Freedom May 2008 This month's issue is all about 100 years of women serving our country!

Sarah's Healing Haven Sarah helps people heal from traumatic events.

Saratoga County Rural Preservation Company This area is just north of me!

Service Women's Action Network Be sure to check this site out!

Sexual Assault Prevention & Response This is the DoD's site.

Sharon Cummings ARC-DD I'm pleased to know this woman and proud of her.

She's an Army of One Go here to listen to a great song honoring our women Veterans.

Showcasing the U.S. Army Women's Museum The Center for Military History has a nice site honoring the women who have served in the US Army and their museum at Fort Lee, VA.

Sister Soldier song Another wonderful song about our women Vets.

Sisters After War A wonderful video by Chaplain Kathie Costos.

Susan G. Komen for the Cure A site for anyone who deals with breast cancer.

Susan O'Neill Check this out. Sue was a nurse in Vietnam and is now an author.

Suzanne Swift This brave soldier endured sexual and verbal abuse, brought charges against the perpetrators, went AWOL and then sent to jail for failing to deploy while the men who assaulted her are still serving!

The Army Nurse Corps Association (ANCA) Self-explanatory!

The Art of Trauma Project If you have been traumatized and do some form of art this site will be of interest to you.

The Band Of Mothers Proud Moms of Hero's - Warriors come from Warriors!

The China Beach Tribute Page I loved the character, Colleen McMurphy, and her friends on the television hit show China Beach. Here is where you'll learn more about Dana Delany and the cast of that great show. 

The Desert Warrior Be sure to look at this site!

The Forgotten Prisoners of Rabaul Read about some of the folks who were POWs.

The FReeper Foxhole This site remembers woman in the military in a special selection dated 15 Feb 2003.

The GE Aviation Lecture Series If you are in the area this would be a good event to attend.

The Gold Star Mothers of America, Inc. Visit this site to learn about these women and why we honor them and hold them dearly.

The Hilltop Singers This site is about a trio of women who performed in Vietnam.

The Kay Francis Web Site This site shows you how to get a copy of a new book about Kay who toured our bases during WW II with Martha Raye, Carole Landis and Mitzi Mayfair.

The Miles Foundation A site which helps women.

The Minerva Center Home Page An excellent site!

The Official Dana Delany Home Page Here's your chance to learn even more about Dana Delany who starred on China Beach

The Sharon Ann Lane Foundation  This site is all about the clinic that has been built in Vietnam to honor Sharon--the only military woman to die of actual combat wounds in Vietnam.

The Stars and Stripes, 1918-1919: Women and the War Effort Finally some of these old papers are making their way onto the Internet. This site lists those that have articles about women during WW I.

The State of Women Veterans' Health Research An interesting site.

The Virtual Wall ® American Women Who Died in the Vietnam War A page that has has photos of some of the American women who died in Vietnam.

The Voice Women At War This is an excellent resource video from Chaplain Kathie!

The WAC MUSEUM The museum relocated physically to Fort Lee, Virginia and was renamed the US Army Women's Museum. It was dedicated in May 2001.

The Woman Warriors A new blog site I'm involved in along with other women writers and my pal Dale Smith.

The Women of World War I An interesting site!

The Women Who Gave Their Lives Captain Barb has compiled a large list of women who paid the ultimate sacrifice.

The Women's Army Corps, 1945-1978 This publication was written by Bettie J Morden. Pay particular attention to Chapter XII: WAC Center and WAC School to learn more about Fort McClellan.

The Women's Research and Educational Institute A very good site that has a lot of information on it or links to it.

"Thoughts" Presented by the PalletMaster You better have tissue handy when you look at this!

Tomboy Productions A company in Canada that does independent films--a few of which are about women Veterans!

Tribute: Female Forces Who Gave All This is a very moving tribute!

Turtle Women Rising An informative site!

Tuskegee Army Nurses Project A good site about the nurses who took care of the Tuskegee pilots.

TYWIGS The Young Women's Institute for Global Studies is a site to visit!

United Female Veterans of America, Inc. A newly formed group of women Veterans.

Unravel the Gavel Women at War article by Marie Brown.

US Army Nurse Corps Self-explanatory!

US Army Women's Museum This museum moved into a brand new building at Fort Lee, Virginia. Sadly they have closed the original WAC Museum at Fort McClellan and the new museum now carries this new name.

US Army Women's Museum--History An excellent page about the history of the Women's Army Corps and its move to Fort Lee, Virginia

US Army Women's Museum poster This provides the info needed to visit the museum!

US Army Women's Foundation Raising the awareness of women who served our country and the funds to keep the museum functioning.

Veterans For America This site has resources for military women.

Veterans History Project, Female Narrators This group in Idaho is compiling women's military history.

VFW - She Serves If you served in a combat zone--sign up here!

Vietnam Wait till you see what this site has to offer!

Vietnam Babylift See how Lana Noone honors those who died and survived this event in 1975.

Vietnam Donut Dollies Learn about some of these wonderful women who served our country with the American Red Cross.

Vietnam Nurses DVD If you didn't get to see the Vietnam Nurses special on the Women's Entertainment cable channel--here's your chance to order it!

Vietnam Nurses Haven This is a closed list for Army, Navy, Air Force and civilian nurses who served in Vietnam during the war to come together to talk and heal.

Vietnam Nurses Haven A "closed" discussion/support list for nurses who served in Vietnam. This site tells you about this group of women and men as well as how you might join their list if you too were a nurse in Vietnam.

Vietnam Women Veterans This page honors those who served in Vietnam who were not necessarily in the medical field.

Vietnam Women Veterans, Inc. This is the official site of this group of women who served bravely in Vietnam.

Vietnam Women's Memorial Foundation (formerly Vietnam Women's Memorial Project) This memorial and site has helped a lot of female Vietnam Veterans, military and civilian, heal. Now you can see some of the photos of the 15th Anniversary celebration.

Vivandieres Civil War Vivandieres and Daughters of the Regiment is a very interesting website.

WAC Major: Herstory A book by a retired WAC!

WASP This site is run by the Texas Women's University in Denton.

WASP Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony Self-explanatory!

WASP, Women Airforce Service Pilots of WWII Another excellent site to learn about these brave women.

WAVES National The women who served in the Navy and other sea services have their own site now too. This site is currently the Michigan Unit 32 WAVES site but is about to become the National WAVES site.

WELCOME HOME MY SISTERS This site is presented by the PalletMaster and is beautiful.

Welcome to Military Women in Need If you are a resident of California--this site might be of interest to you.

Welcome to Sister Soldier Project This group helps to provide black female soldiers with necessities common to them.

Welcome to the home page of MCVBluestarMothers This is an amazing group of women from Modesto and the Central Valley of California and now you can see what they do also!

Welcome to the Vietnam Babylift Website This site is dedicated to those who served during Operation Baby Lift. There is a special Departed Friends section which has a dedication to CPT Irish Bresnahan.

Welcome to the Women's Research & Education Institute! Visit and learn!


Who Knew?...Reflections On Vietnam Here you can see a little about Holley's new book.

Wild Iris Media A site to order a DVD about our brave women Vets.

Woman vets page Check it out.

Women Airforce Service Pilots - Remembered By Those Who Knew Them. This is a terrific site done by Andy Hailey about his mom, Lois Hailey--one of the women who became a WASP and other women who served as WASP. This is a wonderful site with lots of information about these women who served our country and went years without getting proper credit for it.

Women and the Civil War Few people know about the things women did during the war. If you are one of those folks--go here to learn.

Women Are Veterans, Too! A page honoring those women who served and died for our country.

Women Coalition Soldiers Killed in Iraq : Rachel’s Tavern Visit this site too!

Women come to the front About journalists, photographers, broadcasters during WW II.

Women Firefighters' Resource Page See what some of these women can do.

Women In Armed Forces Check this out!

Women in Armed Service & Military Veteran's Artwork by Nancy E. Rhodes, an amazing artist!

Women In Military Service for America (WIMSA) Memorial The dedication of the WIMSA Memorial which honors all women, military and civilian, who served since the beginning of time was on 18 October 1997 (that was my birthday). Their gift shop is also now online at this site.

Women in the Korean War This site has a lot of info.

Women in the Military Project This site is for military women who would like to be interviewed to preserve your history for family members as well as historians!

Women in the Navy This is an FAQ area.

Women in the U.S. Army The latest perspective for Women's History Month!

Women in the U.S. Army A good perspective!

 Visit Women In Vietnam for a real history lesson!

Women Mariners in WW II That's right women served with the Merchant Marine during WW II.

Women Marines Association This site is self-explanatory.

Women Military Aviators, Inc Wait till you see the information shared on this site!

Women Nurses Throughout History This is an excellent page forwarded to me by an assistant librarian who had a younger member of the library point it out to her. Thanks for the input.

Women of Honor Prints These prints are available for purchase.

Women Organizing Women - Veteran Advocacy If you are a woman Veteran who has been assaulted sexually, physically or verbally this a good site to meet others in the same situation and learn how to help yourself as well as getting help in filing your VA claim!

Women Protecting U.S. at Battleship Cove This will be a new exhibit opening soon in MA.

Women Under Fire Video about the women in the Rhode Island Army Reserve National Guard!

Women Veterans One more wonderful site.

Women Veterans Health This is the VA's home page about what they provide for women Veterans.

Women Veterans of America Another group for women who served.

Women Veterans Week Branson (MO) Tourism Center will be honoring our women Vets--check this out to see when!

Women Vets Info Page This site belongs to one of my friends.

Women Vets Courage This woman and her friends take educational information to others to show what we have done.

Women Who Died in the Vietnam War  As of 7 May 1997 there were 58,209 names engraved on The Vietnam Memorial also known as The Wall. Eight of those names are American female nurses who died in-country. Here is an opportunity to learn about the other American women who died in Vietnam serving their country as civilians. 

Women Who Went Beyond "The Home" Another memorial page that's well done.

Women's Army Corps Veterans Association The National WAC Veterans Association Headquarters site. Here you can learn more about the WACs and what they did and continue to do.

Women's Army Corps Veterans Association Guestbook A site which lists some of the women who served.

Women's Army Corps Veterans Association, Tampa Bay Chapter #88 I belong to the WAC Association but unfortunately not this chapter.

Women's City Club of New York This group tries to help women!

Women's Enterprise at Hudson Valley Community College Take a look at what this group does.

Women's History Month--2003 March is Women's History Month but I talk about our women's history all the time.

Women's History Month--Coast Guard See what they do!

Women's History Month--Navy See what they say!

Women's Memorial Store The WIMSA giftshop has a lot to offer.

Women's Mental Health Center This facility is in Palo Alto, CA and helps women

Women's Nam Links Nam Women's Websites and places of interest from Bill McDonald.

Women's Rights National Historical Park Oh my--this is kind of in my backyard!

Women's Veterans Retreat Another retreat will be held in the Adirondacks of NYS.

World War II Interviews This is a mixed bag of interviews of women who served, those who were on the home front and much more.

WVWV - Women's Voices Making History This is a blog site!

WWVets Home Page Women Veteran's Stories from World War One.

YouTube - The Voice Women At War and PTSD Excellent video.

YouTube - Toy Soldiers A clip of China Beach.

YouTube - Tribute to Women in the American military A great video!

True American Girl A wonderful video and song by Sherry Marquelle

YouTube - Women At War A good video!

YouTube - Women in Peacekeeping The Power to Empower is a good video.

YouTube - Women of the UNITED STATES ARMY OIF/OEF KIA This video also includes women from other branches of service who died during OIF/OEF. Sadly it doesn't have the names with the photos.

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